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New name for Women’s Resource Center reflects expanded support

Woman poses with sign
Shura Gat, associate dean of students and director of the recently renamed Gender Equity Resource Center, poses at their office in Willard Straight Hall.

As part of an ongoing goal to better meet the needs of both women and students who identify outside the gender binary, The Women’s Resource Center was renamed the Gender Equity Resource Center on August 7, 2023. The Gender Equity Resource Center, still located on the second floor of Willard Straight Hall, continues to promote a campus community of belonging for women, as well as for students who identify as trans, nonbinary, agender, genderfluid and genderqueer. With the change, the ongoing commitment of the center to support all gender-marginalized students at Cornell is now reflected in its name.“The new name continues a conversation and framework for discussing and responding to the issues impacting women and other gender-marginalized communities,” said Marla Love, Robert W. & Elizabeth C. Staley Dean of Students.

“Shifting our language to ‘gender equity’ is responsive to the experiences of historically marginalized communities and actively welcomes the involvement of all people committed to gender equity, not only women. The center invests in supporting our students' intersecting identities, which shape their experiences both at Cornell and beyond.” 

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