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Cornell Health, Weill Cornell partnership to support students

Cornell Health

Through increased collaboration between Cornell Health and Weill Cornell Medicine, this spring two new partnerships – with another on the way – will enhance and expand services to the Ithaca campus community to better meet the needs of Cornell students.

“Since 2019 Cornell Health has been exploring ways to consult and collaborate with Weill Cornell Medicine around the health needs that lie outside the scope of what we can provide in primary care,” said Dr. Jada Hamilton, director of medical services and interim chief of clinical operations and services at Cornell Health. The focus has been around three specialty areas: radiology, OBGYN services and psychiatry, she said.

Last fall, Cornell Health began exploring a partnership opportunity for Weill Cornell Medicine radiologists to review X-rays for students on the Ithaca campus. This service went live earlier in March. More recently, Cornell Health began a facilitated referral service to Weill Cornell Medicine for students with OBGYN conditions that cannot be addressed in-house. In these instances, summaries of the physical exams conducted in Ithaca are used by New York City-based clinicians during telehealth consultations with students, which can be conducted from any private setting.

“It’s wonderful for the students we serve and our medical staff on the Ithaca campus to be able to connect with specialty services from a first-rate academic medical institution in New York City,” Hamilton said.

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