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COVID-19 Guidelines for Meetings & Events

Like most organizations during COVID-19, Cornell University has established a series of policies, procedures and guidelines for those wishing to hold meetings and/or events on campus. This information may change with little or no notice, so please check this page often.

In addition, while Cornell is carefully monitoring information provided by Tompkins County, New York State, the CDC, and the WHO, Cornell may implement our own set of policies, procedures and/or guidelines that may be different to ensure safety of our campus community. These guidelines are the minimum for university meetings and events. Some colleges/units may have more restrictive policies on specific buildings they manage and/or groups they sponsor.

For the most recent updates and guidelines regarding Events, visit or see highlights below. For additional information on face masks, including information about singing, musical instruments, and how to properly wear a mask, visit

The following guidance is for event planners who have, or are in the process of, scheduling events on the Ithaca campus:

Reserving Space and Registering Events

University departments, Registered Student Organizations, and Fraternities and Sororities may request space using the 25Live Scheduling System. Non-university users who would like information about reserving space, or holding events on campus, should email Student organizations must be fully registered with Campus Activities in order to request space for meetings and events. Re-Registration and New Organization Registration is open now at Cornell's Campus Groups website. For more information, contact the Campus Activities Office at

Room Capacity

Rooms can be filled to capacity and there are no special seating arrangements necessary. Whenever possible, please consider carving out a small area that allows for physical distancing that could be used by unvaccinated individuals, or by vaccinated individuals who may not feel comfortable sitting in close proximity to others. A Zoom or other online viewing option must always be available for business-related meetings to accommodate those who would otherwise be at risk.

Public Health Requirements

It is the responsibility of those organizing the event or symposia to ensure that attendees are aware of all necessary public health guidance; however, event organizers should not request to see proof of vaccination.

At this time, all faculty, staff, students and visitors – regardless of vaccination status – are required to wear masks when inside campus buildings or facilities. Unvaccinated individuals are also required to wear a mask when attending an outdoor event where physical distancing is not possible.

For additional information about Face Masks, including requirements for Meetings & Events, Dining/Food, Musical Instruments and Singing, and other information, visit

    All In-Person Events and Meetings

    • All in-person events taking place on campus (and some virtual events) will need to schedule through the Scheduling@Cornell website for approval. For step-by-step instructions on how to request space for an event, how to edit your events, and how to get assistance, visit the Academic and Event Scheduling website page called Getting Help.

    • Beginning July 1, faculty, staff and students no longer need to complete the Daily Check health assessment each day before arriving on campus or accessing facilities, regardless of vaccination status.
    • Faculty and staff who wish to meet for academic- or business-related events, unit gatherings, symposia or other similar gatherings are able to do so. Rooms can be filled to capacity and there are no special seating arrangements necessary. Unvaccinated faculty, staff or guests are required to wear masks and maintain six feet of physical distance, and a Zoom option must always be available for business-related meetings to accommodate those who would otherwise be at risk.

    Food and Drink at Indoor Events

    For all indoor meetings and events, food and drinks should be limited. This guidance will remain in place through the end of September 2021, and could extend further into the academic year depending on COVID-19 prevalence.

    Meetings lasting only a few hours should not include food or beverages. This includes coffee, cookies or other snack items that might traditionally be served before, during or after meetings. Individuals who bring their own refreshments should take their masks down only when drinking and immediately replace it.

    If hosting a day-long event, meals can be provided, however, food and beverage should be pre-prepared/pre-packaged in order to avoid congregating around food stations. Individuals should wear masks until seated and put their mask back on directly after finishing eating or drinking. If possible, individuals should eat outside, distance while eating and avoid large groups.

    Virtual Events and Meetings

    If you are hosting a virtual event, an event request form must be completed using Scheduling@Cornell if the event:

    • expects attendees under 18 years of age (excludes Cornell registered students)

    • uses the University logo
    • is photographed or recorded for distribution
    • invites an outside performer/speaker/musical artist
    • is a hosted conference
    • distributes any items to attendees prior to the virtual event/meeting
      • e.g., DYI kit, food, or alcohol
    • invites a dignitary or government official

    If possible, provide options for remote viewing of your event or meeting (Zoom, webcast, etc.).  Cornell Information Technologies (CIT) provides the following resources:

    Guidelines for Sororities and Fraternities

    Visit the Sorority and Fraternity Life website for current policies and procedures for Greek organizations.