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Cornell University

Mission and Vision

Cornell Career Services... where students engage in learning and self-discovery, and build connections to prepare for managing their careers as they contribute to a changing world.

Our Mission

We empower students to identify their strengths, interests, and values; discover and explore possibilities; gain experience; and develop strategies for pursuing diverse career paths and managing career decisions. We offer an array of career-development activities that inspire students to gain confidence and establish a foundation upon which to build their careers over a lifetime.

Desired Impacts

  • Students will be able to name their strengths (skills and abilities) and communicate with confidence about them.
  • Students will learn to make connections with others who can assist them with their career development and advancement.
  • Students will develop an awareness of and ability to manage the career-development process as presented in our model.
  • Students will leave meetings with us knowing two things they can do next to advance their career goals.

Commitment to Excellence

We welcome feedback on our services and interactions with students and alumni. We regularly collect survey feedback and invite any additional feedback via email at