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Accessing Services

Central Career Services and the wider Career Services Network are eager to work with you on your career journey. We want to make sure you're aware that there is no cost for appointments or to take career assessments. We do, however, want you to take the following into consideration when scheduling appointments, interviews, and attending events. As always, check with your college's career office for specifics related to that office.

Barnes Hall Career Services Office

Appointment Limits

We ask that you make no more than one appointment per week unless otherwise directed by your career advisor. This allows more students access to our services. If an emergency arises, try our Same- or Next Day appointments. 

Cancel or Reschedule

For appointments more than 24 hours in the future use the "manage booking" link in your e-mail confirmation or call the office at +1 (607) 255-5296 to cancel. Within the 24 hours you cannot cancel online you have to call us.


The health and wellbeing of both students and staff is of the utmost importance. If you are not feeling well on the day of your in-person appointment, please let us know and we will reschedule or meet with you over Zoom or the phone instead. Call +1 (607) 255-5296 to reschedule or change your appointment modality. 

Alternative Times

Our advisors may be available virtually on an evening or weekend. To inquire, e-mail or call +1 (607) 255-5296 during our normal business hours. We do not monitor or answer the phone on the weekends or after hours.

Document Reviews

For resumes, personal statements, and cover letters you can e-mail the document to your advisor ahead of time, bring your laptop and type edits directly, or bring a printed copy or print one (for free) when you arrive to Barnes Hall.

Accessibility Questions

We strive to provide accessible and inclusive services. If you have questions about an appointment, event, or resource please contact us at +1 (607) 255-5296 or

Privacy and Contact Information

Career Services respects the privacy of all alumni, employers, and students we work with. We are happy to facilitate connections where able, but there are limits to what information we can provide to other parties. 

Alumni often participate in career events and may provide their contact information to students who attend those events. Alumni can also be contacted through CUeLINKS and LinkedIn. Career Services does not give out contact information for alumni, however we can help you get in touch. If you are looking to connect with alumni and don’t know where to start, we encourage you to contact your college career office or Cornell Career Services for assistance. 

Employers/recruiters can set their own privacy settings on Handshake and sometimes will post an email or contact information for a person that students can reach out to. Additionally, when interacting with recruiters or employers through career events, you are encouraged to ask for their contact information so you can follow up. Career Services does not give out contact information for an employer or recruiter, but we can help you find their contact information so you can connect. 

Students can set their own privacy settings on Handshake, CUeLINKS, and other sites to be viewable to employers and/or other people who may wish to contact you. If you would like assistance with adjusting your settings, schedule an appointment with your college career services office or Cornell Career Services. Career Services will not give out your personal information without your consent.  

Check with your college career office regarding specific questions about their policies.

Entire Cornell Career Services Community

Attendance Policy

When employers and alumni visit campus to speak with students we strongly encourage students to take advantage of these opportunities to explore career options, to learn more about an employer/position/industry, and to expand their networks.

Employer/Alumni Events: By registering for an event, you are making a commitment to attend. While we understand that circumstances arise that may prevent you from attending, we ask that you notify the appropriate office immediately and that you remove your RSVP from Handshake.

When you do not show up for events, it can damage your personal reputation and also prevents other students from registering for the event in your place. In addition, Cornell University’s employer and alumni relationships may be compromised by lack of expected student attendance.

Interviews: If you do not appear for an interview or if you cancel without sufficient notice as described in the policy below, you are considered a “no-show,” and you will not be allowed to participate further in on-campus recruiting until you speak with a Career Services staff member. The staff member will determine whether you can continue to participate. At a minimum, you will be required to submit a letter of apology to the recruiter, in accordance with the staff member's instructions. A second "no-show" will result in automatic forfeiture of the right to participate in Cornell recruiting activities and to use the Handshake system. The No-Show Policy pertains to all on-campus interviews as well as second-rounds scheduled by the employer outside of Handshake. 

To see the full policy visit our webpage on Student Rights and Responsibilities.

Leave of Absence

Any restrictions of your unique leave of absence will determine which services are available. Generally speaking, you should have access to the Career Development Toolkit in Canvas, The Forage, Firsthand, Skillsfirst, Handshake job postings (without campus interviews or virtual campus recruiting) and Career Fairs. Individual appointments and attendance at some programs (even virtual ones) may be limited, depending on capacity, in your college career office. Check directly with your college career center.