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Cornell University

Diversity Commitment

Cornell Career Services is dedicated to providing an inviting environment where we empower students and alumni of all identities to develop the skills to manage their careers over a lifetime. We support students and alumni as they build confidence in their career decision-making. We strive, especially, to support Cornellians with marginalized identities to recognize their strengths and manage challenges in their career-development process. We embrace diversity in all its forms, including race, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, veteran status, disability status, nationality, language, socioeconomic background, working and thinking styles, religious background, culture, and other lived experiences.

As a staff, we promote open and honest dialogues about how to make ourselves and our work more inclusive. We work actively to understand our own intersectional identities as we grow together as a campus and community. We will continue to learn, expand our social and emotional intelligence, and ground our organization in diversity and inclusion. We aim to provide a safe, diverse, inclusive, and respectful space for all.

Cornell Career Services is committed to partnering with employers and organizations to engage a diverse pool of candidates. We expect our partners to recognize the powerful impact that diversity, inclusion, and belonging bring to their organizations and the workforce.

Our Principles in Action

  • Our staff engage in ongoing professional development to become more inclusive individually and as an organization.
  • We have developed robust campus liaison relationships with staff across campus who work with diverse student groups.
  • Our Career Services Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee engages staff across the career community at Cornell.
  • We support students in pursuing broad opportunities in graduate and professional schools, and help admissions committees reach our diverse student populations.
  • We engage with our employer partners to help them develop best practices for successful hiring our diverse student populations.