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Cornell University

Grad & Professional Student Application Process

2023-2024 Housing

Choices: When you apply, you will have the opportunity to rank your preferences for building and room/apartment type. Visit Housing Options for Graduate & Professional Students for more information about the options available to you. Single students applying to live in a shared apartment should complete the Lifestyle Questionnaire portion of the online application to be matched with a compatible roommate or roommates.

Housing Assignments: Assignments for new housing begin to be made with the bulk of the assignments and notifications completed in the first week of April. Assignments are made in the order in which applications are received, according to your preferences and space availability. Once you receive your housing assignment by email, you must electronically accept your housing contract within two weeks to confirm your housing. Instructions will be included in your housing assignment notification email. 

Apply for housing through the Housing Portal.

Applications will be accepted starting February 14 at 11:00 am. Please note that this is a revised date as it was previously listed as February 7, 2023.

For general questions, please contact If you do not have access to the Internet, please contact the Housing Office by phone at 607-255-5368. If you have a specific housing need due to a disability, please first register with Student Disability Services (SDS). Occupancy limits: Please note that Cornell's family/partner units can accommodate two to four people. No more than two adults are permitted per unit.


Please note: On-campus housing is not guaranteed for graduate and professional students, but we make every effort to accommodate your request.