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Cornell University

Fees and Session Information

Student Personal Training - Summer Services Begin May 28, 2024

If you would like work with a Personal Trainer between May 28 and August 11, please fill out the Personal Training Request Form

If you would like to work with a Personal Trainer for the fall 2024 semester, please fill out the request form above.  

Fall 2023 Rates

Fitness Intake - 55 minutes

  • Fee: $35 
  • A Fitness Intake is mandatory before other Personal Training Services can be purchased.
  • The Fitness Intake is a 55 - minute meeting that serves to gather information about a new client, as well as to educate about critical exercise principles. It includes:
    • A review of your health history, exercise habits, current fitness level, and discussion regarding your preferences and goals.
    • The opportunity to discuss exercise guidelines, program design, nutrition resources, and to ask any general fitness questions.
  • Attire: Casual street clothes as no exercise will occur during this meeting
  • The intake paperwork will be e-mailed to you prior to this meeting, please bring the completed forms with you.
  • Please be aware that the health screening process is necessary to help the trainers determine if you can start a new exercise program without consulting a physician. If any health issues are identified that require medical clearance, our trainers can help facilitate this process.

One-to-One Training - 55 minutes

  • Single Session--Fee: $45
  • 4-session package-- Fee: $162
  • During each 55 minute session, our certified Personal Trainers will lead you through a workout geared towards your fitness interests and goals. Our Personal Trainers will create an exercise experience that is safe, effective, and hopefully, gratifying. Personal Trainers benefit those who want individualized exercise instruction, like frequent feedback on technique, and/or those who benefit from a little extra motivation to keep up a fitness routine. The trainer will ask for input from the client on how to spend the time in each session (i.e., do you want to focus on proper form, learn new exercises, get extra motivation, or simply be led through an effective exercise session, etc.).

Small Group Training may be available upon request.  Contact Emily Ellison for rates.