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Cornell University

Student Fitness Resources

Student Membership with Cornell Fitness Centers includes access to ongoing programs and services that are designed to help you improve your health and fitness plan.  If you are a Cornell Employee, options are available through the Cornell Wellness Program.

Fitness Equipment Orientations

1 hour sessions that provide an opportunity for students to learn how to safely and effectively use our cardio and/or strength equipment, as well as receive other information to optimize success in your fitness program.  Athletic attire required.  Offered a the beginning of fall and spring semesters or upon request.

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Fitness Foundations Workshop

1 hour sessions that provide students with information about how to best get started and/or ramp up your current fitness routine. All the fitness variables will be discussed including intensity, frequency, duration, choice of exercises, types of equipment, progression, etc.  These sessions are offered by student request.

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New Moves Workshop

1 hour sessions that introduce students to many training tools and new equipment that make training fun and varied.   Athletic attire required.  These sessions are offered by student request.

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Additional Resources

The Move Your Way® tools, videos, and fact sheets have tips that make it easier to get a little more active.

ACE Fitness Exercise Library offers step by step instructions and visual resources for hundreds of exercises.