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Cornell University

Posting Full-Time Jobs and Internships


Cornell Career Services offers the opportunity for all employers to post full-time jobs and internships or summer positions for Cornell students and graduates, at no charge. Our job-posting service is known as Cornell Handshake. You can access the system through the Cornell Handshake Employer Login.

Gaining access to post jobs on Handshake—the Cornell-specific portion of the system—is a two-part process: first, you create an account/request access to the system; once approved, you will be able to post jobs at Cornell. We review employers and their needs before granting access to Handshake. Note that we do not approve employers from the cannabis industry, including CBD processors and manufacturers. Employers involved in the industrial hemp (defined very narrowly as containing less than .3% THC) industry must be licensed in their state through a pilot program authorized under the 2014 Farm Bill in order to be approved.

If you have questions, contact Employer Relations at +1 (607) 255–6933.