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Cornell University

Campus Recruiting Contacts and Offices

Are you new to recruiting at Cornell University or a current employer partner looking to reevaluate your current strategy? Whether you are hiring students from a specific college or more broadly from across the entire University, we are here to help build your successful recruiting strategy at Cornell. To determine whether a college-specific location and/or a centralized location suits your needs, please contact:

University-Wide Employer Relations

Kimberlee Swartz 
Associate Director, Manager of Employer Relations and Professional Readiness Programs 
+1 (607) 255-7464 

Recruiting Coordinators

The following staff members are also available to advise you on aspects of your recruitment strategy, including but not limited to information sessions, promoting your organization at Cornell, and additional hiring options.

Cornell Career Services University-Wide Recruiting

Employment Services Team 200 Barnes Hall +1 (607) 255-6933

College of Agriculture & Life Sciences (CALS)

Jo-Lynn Buchanan 140 Roberts Hall +1 (607) 255-9858 

College of Engineering

Jennifer Soprano 201 Carpenter Hall 

College of Human Ecology

172 Martha Van Rensselaer Hall +1 (607) 255-6934

ILR School

Angela Shurtleff 201 Ives Hall +1 (607) 255-2724

SC Johnson College of Business - Dyson School

Jamie Calabris B63 Warren Hall +1 (607) 255-5182 (M/W/F) / +1 (607) 255-7323 (Tu/Th).

SC Johnson College of Business - Nolan School

Hospitality Recruiting - Maggie Paciga 180 Statler Hall +1 (607) 255-8339

Real Estate Recruiting - Jamie Calabris 180 Statler +1 (607) 255-5182 (M/W/F) /+1 (607) 255-7323(Tu/Th). 

Other Schools and Colleges

Contact staff listed for information on conducting interviews in these academic units:

College of Veterinary Medicine 

DVM Student and Academic Services +1 (607) 253-3700

Cornell Law School 

Christina Price +1(607) 255-5252 

Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology (Graduate students)  

Patricia Hine +1 (607) 255-4768

Department of Physics (Graduate students)  

Kacey Acquilano +1 (607) 255-4139 

Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management +1 (607) 255-4888