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Annual Awards

Annual Awards

Susan Murphy Fraternity & Sorority Awards Program

The annual Greek Awards recognizes chapters and individuals on their outstanding commitment to the values of the Cornell Greek Community throughout the year.

     Who is eligible?  Chapters and individuals 

     When does this occur?  Spring semester

Fraternity & Sorority Scholarships Awards  

An opportunity for fraternities and sororities to recognize outstanding undergraduate leaders was created toward the establishment of scholarships that relieve portions of recipients' work requirements and provide significant grants. It was out of this generous offer that the program, informally known as the "Dyson Scholarship Challenge” was created. Alumni raised more than $2.9 million to establish 26 new scholarships for fraternity and sorority leaders.

     Who is eligible? Outstanding undergraduate leaders

     When does this occur?  Fall semester

Cornell Dyson and Tradition Fellowship Awards

These awards were established in 1998 through Cornell’s Scholarship Challenge Campaign by John S. Dyson ’65. The awards are need-based and intended for sorority and fraternity undergraduates who demonstrate leadership qualities or hold a leadership position in their respective chapter. 

Cornell Tradition Fellowships are awarded to undergraduates who demonstrate a commitment to work and service. Approximately 500 Fellowships are awarded each year. Fellowships include the possibility of a $4000 loan replacement, $3500 support account, wage subsidy, and other financial benefits. 

Who is eligible? Current Cornell students, who are not chosen as entering freshmen to be in the Tradition program, may apply in the spring semester of their freshman/sophomore/junior year around the beginning of June to be admitted into the program at the beginning of the next academic year.

Chapters who participate:

  1. Alpha Zeta,
  2. Beta Theta Pi
  3. Delta Delta Delta
  4. Delta Kappa Epsilon
  5. Kappa Kappa Gamma
  6. Kappa Sigma
  7. Sigma Alpha Epsilon
  8. Sigma Chi
  9. Sigma Pi
  10. Alpha Delta Phi
  11. Alpha Phi
  12. Zeta Beta Tau

Note: the Dyson Award & Traditional Award are different than the Dyson Citizenship Award.

Dyson Citizenship Award 

The John S. Dyson Citizenship Award is given annually as a part of the Andrew Dickson White Annual Summit for Greeks to a student who has exemplified exceptional leadership within the Greek community and who has demonstrated a strong commitment to. The award was established in 2001 in honor of John S. Dyson ’65, a trustee emeritus, presidential councilor and a member of the Fraternity & Sorority Advisory Council.     

     Who is eligible?
The award is given annually as part of the A.D. White Leadership Conference to students within the Cornell University fraternity and sorority community who have exemplified exceptional leadership within the Greek community, and who have demonstrated a strong commitment to community service, philanthropy, scholarship, and citizenship.

     When does this occur?  Fall semester

Council Specific Opportunities

Panhellenic Council

1) New Member Dues Program

     Who is eligible?  New members based on need to off-set the new member dues cost.

2) Current Member Dues Program

     Who is eligible? Select members based on need to off-set the membership dues cost.

Interfraternity Council

1) New Member Dues Program

     Who is eligible?  New members based on need to off-set the new member dues cost.