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Tradition Fellows have the opportunity to take advantage of some of the following benefits:

  • Service Support Account
    Cornell Tradition Fellows who are enrolled full-time and in good standing with the program have access to up to $3500 over their undergraduate Cornell career to cover the cost of service-related activities during the academic year. In the summer, students can use their funding for service or career-related experiences. (See support account page)
  • Fellowship Awards
    Depending on demonstrated financial need, Fellows can receive a fellowship award of up to $4,000 per year to replace need-based student loans. Fellowships are often funded by Tradition alumni whose experience with the program influenced them so significantly that they endowed fellowships to ensure that future Fellows have similar opportunities. Fellows who receive a named fellowship may have an opportunity to interact with their donors.
  • Employment Support
    Fellows are eligible for a wage subsidy for the academic year to help them find or keep a position either on campus or through Cornell-affiliated off-campus programs. Fellows who receive work-study monies can receive the Tradition wage subsidy once their work-study funds are depleted. Fellows who do not receive work-study monies can receive the subsidy as soon as they secure work.
  • Frank H.T. Rhodes Cornell Tradition Endowment for International Service
    Rhodes funding is available to Fellows to use for international service experiences over winter and summer breaks and is in addition to the Service Support Account. Students can apply multiple times and be granted up to $5,000 each time.
  • Graduation Reception
    Tradition celebrates and honors its seniors at a reception with their families and peers held on the Friday before graduation in May.
  • Explore CT
    Explore CT is a first-year extended orientation program designed to acquaint new Tradition Fellows with other Fellows; the Tradition program benefits, requirements, and ideals; and the greater Cornell University. Participation in Explore CT events is required for freshman students.
  • Student Advisory Committee (SAC)
    Fellows can apply to be members of the SAC annually. The SAC works with the Tradition Director to host service and social opportunities for Fellows. SAC members also serve as ambassadors of the Tradition program at various campus events.
  • Connect with a Community of Leaders
    Relationships Fellows develop with one another and with the Fellows who came before them add richness to the Tradition experience. Social networking, visits from alumni, and special events promote connections between students and alumni who have lived the Cornell experience and have applied it to the world beyond.
  • The Cornell Commitment Showcase
    This virtual fall event brings together freshmen from all three Cornell Commitment programs to learn from upperclassmen who have engaged in research, service, and internships at Cornell and around the world.