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Cornell University

Virtual Yoga - Kripalu

Day / Time Link 
Wed 7:00 - 8:15 AM Join Here

Helpful Information:

- There is no CFC or Wellness Membership requirement to attend this virtual class.  A CFC or Wellness Membership will be required when this class resumes meeting on campus.

- To participate, first sign in to Cornell Zoom ( or your personal Zoom account, and then click "Join Here" above.

Kripalu Yoga is a nice fit whether you are a beginner looking for a challenge, or an experienced yogi looking to explore that next edge. You will be encouraged to adjust your postures as a way of taking care of yourself on your exploration of your own edge of intensity as a path to openness. You will create your own appropriate level of challenge in the postures, gaining the most from your practice, without hurting the body or stressing the mind. 

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