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International Student Resources

International students make up almost 24% of the entire student population on campus and nearly 50% of the graduate student population. As an international student, you bring a unique global perspective to Cornell and to your future employer if you wish to work in the U.S. following graduation. Review the International Module in the Canvas Career Development Toolkit to get a quick start on some important elements for international students seeking a career in the U.S. 

We recognize that immigration policies in the U.S. are increasingly confusing, and the competition of getting a job is getting higher. When considering applying for jobs in the U.S., we highly recommend meeting with an Immigration Advisor at International Services, Office of Global Learning to determine your visa requirements for your internship or full-time job after graduation. You can also make an appointment with the International Careers Advisor in Cornell Career Services using the "Make an Appointment" button on the top right corner of this page. 

Visit COVID-19 FAQ for Cornell’s International Community to stay informed on resources, immigration information, visa status, and more.