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Cornell University

Vending Machines

On-campus vending outlets supplement the full-service dining program available through Cornell Dining's 10 dining rooms, cafes, food courts and coffee houses, and convenience stores. Nearly 300 vending machines throughout campus - as well as vending machines in off-campus Cornell facilities in the Ithaca area - offer traditional vending machine fare, as well as new healthier options.

Rise of the (Health-Conscious) Machines

Since Cornell is at the forefront of so much cutting-edge technology, it should come as no surprise that snacking here has gotten a major upgrade. New, high-tech, health-conscious machines have replaced vending machines in 76 buildings across campus.

These new units feature touch-screen item selection and, in addition to Cornell Dining and MealChoice card readers, enhanced payment options including credit card, Apple Pay, and Google Wallet. Each machine's custom look showcases Cornell-specific designs highlighting the University's history, landmarks, and athletic endeavors. More than just good looks and convenience, the units also feature LED lighting and ENERGY STAR® ratings that will help reduce the University's carbon footprint.

Look for Amerifit Healthy Choice program vending units in Martha Van Rensselaer Hall, Mann Library, Helen Newman, and Teagle. These units will include an affixed nutritional labeling system to help students, staff and faculty make educated decisions about snack choices. The Healthy Choice program also includes a free Amerifit Nutrition Tracker smartphone app (download from App Store or Google Play) to track food intake and exercise, scan product barcodes for quick nutritional analysis, and host a virtual motivational community.

When you don't have time to go to a dining eatery, or just want something quick to eat or drink, check out the selection from our vending machines - no matter where you are on campus, there's bound to be one nearby!

Request a Refund

If you have lost money in a vending machine on campus, please follow this simple process to obtain a refund.

Send an email with the following information to both and   

  • Your name, Cornell NetID, and contact phone number   
  • Location (building name) of the machine which had the problem   
  • Type of machine (Pepsi, other soft drink, coffee, snack, etc.)   
  • Product (name and price) you were attempting to purchase   
  • Date and time of attempted purchase   
  • Payment method you attempted to use (cash, card, BRBs, contactless)   
  • Brief description of problem for which you're requesting the refund

A credit for the appropriate dollar amount will then be issued to your BRB or MealChoice account, or we'll be in touch about issuing a cash refund or a refund to your card.That's it!  If you have any additional questions or comments, contact us at

Report a Service Issue

For vending machine malfunctions or to request repairs contact American Food & Vending (phone: 315-457-9950).

You may also report a service issue, report an empty machine or a wrong price by contacting Cornell Dining vending operations at