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Cornell University

Food Security

A lack of regular access to food is an issue that plagues approximately half of today’s college students. Food insecurity, or the absence of food, negatively affects a student's health and the ability to succeed academically and graduate. Recognizing that hunger should not be an obstacle for students to thrive academically, Cornell University has been at work developing the means to support students in need.

In partnership with our campus colleagues, Cornell Dining is actively working to recognize and alleviate food insecurity.

The Cornell Food Pantry

Located at 109 McGraw Place, the Cornell Food Pantry, an initiative to help address food insecurity at Cornell, offers free, confidential access to food and personal care items is available to Cornell undergraduate and graduate students, as well as Cornell staff and faculty.

Swipe Out Hunger

Cornell Dining has partnered with Swipe Out Hunger and Cornell's Dean of Students' Office to fight food insecurity on campus. Cornell students have the opportunity to donate one of their bonus meals each semester to a Swipe Out Hunger fund, which will be distributed to their fellow students who are in need.

Anabel's Grocery

In Anabel Taylor Hall on the south edge of campus, Anabel's Grocery is a student-run grocery store offering fresh, nutritious, and affordable food for all Cornell students. Did you know many college students are now eligible to apply for SNAP benefits?