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Winter Break Dining

The Fall Meal Plan period ends with brunch, Sunday December 17th, 2023.  Students remaining on campus through Winter break can use, or add to their Fall BRB balances for use at various café’s, coffee shops, and convenience stores through Saturday, December 23rd. 

Cornell Dining will be shut down from Sunday, December 24th, through Monday, January 1st, 2024.  During this period, via the GET App students may add funds to their City Bucks Account.  Cornell Dining's City Bucks program allows you to enjoy delicious meals off campus, or delivered to your door, with a simple swipe of your Cornell ID card (City Bucks | Student & Campus Life | Cornell University).  Beginning January 2nd- January 16th (breakfast), students can continue to use their Fall BRBs at various cafes, coffee shops and convenience stores will be open, until the Spring Meal Plan begins with Lunch, January 16th. 

During break, please check Cornell Dining Now for the most up-to-date list of open locations and hours.

Winter Break Housing

For information on housing during winter break, visit the Winter Break Housing page.