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Cornell University

Pre-Law Advisors

Cornell's Pre-law Advisory Network is comprised of advisors who can talk with you about your interest in a legal career and advise you on the law-school application process.

College of Agriculture & Life Sciences

Pre-law Advisor
Jennifer DeRosa, Assistant Director of Career & Academic Support
Agriculture and Life Sciences Career Development
140 Roberts Hall
+1 (607) 255-2257

Dean's Certifications
Janine Van Oort, Administrative Assistant
Registrar's Office
140 Roberts Hall
+1 (607) 255-2257

College of Architecture, Art, & Planning

Dean's Certifications
Student Services Office
Admissions & Academic Services
235 Sibley Hall
+1 (607) 255-4376

College of Arts & Sciences

Pre-law Advisor
Diane Miller, Associate Director
Career Services Office
172 Goldwin Smith Hall
+1 (607) 255-4166

Dean's Certifications
Robin Perry, Administrative Assistant
Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Advising
KG17 Klarman Hall
Dean's Certification Information

College of Engineering

Dean's Certifications
Cindy Pakkala, Administrative Assistant
Undergraduate Programs Office
167 Olin Hall
+1 (607) 255-8240

SC Johnson College of Business - Hotel

Pre-law Advisor
David Sherwyn, John and Melissa Ceriale Professor of Hospitality Human Resources and Professor of Law
541 Statler Hall
+1 (607) 255-1711

Dean's Certifications
Hotel School's Registrar's Office
541 Statler Hall
+1 (607) 255-9393

College of Human Ecology

Pre-law Advisor
Deanne Maxwell, Associate Director
Student and Career Development
1203 Martha Van Rensselaer (MVR) Hall
+1 (607) 255-2532

Dean's Certifications
Registrar's Office
+1 (607) 255-2235

School of Industrial and Labor Relations

Assistant Director of Advising
Rebecca Schimenti, Associate Director of Advising
Office of Student Services
101 Ives Hall
+1 (607) 255-2223

Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives - OADI

Kristin Dade, Associate Director of OADI & Director of Student Success Programs
200 CCC
+1 (607) 255-3841

Gabby Smith, Assistant Director of OADI, Program Innovation
204 CCC
+1 (607) 255-3841

Cornell Career Services

Pre-law Advisor
Greg Foster, Assistant Director and Career Development Manager, Law School & Graduate School
103 Barnes Hall
+1 (607) 255-6928