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Cornell University

Pre-Law Advisors

Cornell's Pre-law Advisory Network is comprised of advisors who can talk with you about your interest in a legal career and advise you on the law-school application process.

Cornell Career Services

Pre-Law Advisor
Alex Jablonski, Assistant Director for Pre-Law & Pre-Graduate Advising
103 Barnes Hall
1+(607) 255-5296

Dana Nowakowski, Career Associate for Professional Readiness (Pre-Law and Pre-Graduate)

Brooks School of Public Policy

Pre-Law Advisor
Michelle Gardner, Associate Director of Career Management
Student Services Office
Martha Van Rensselaer (MVR) Hall
+1 (607) 254-3451

College of Agriculture & Life Sciences

Pre-Law Advisor
Liz Hartman, Assistant Director of Experiential Learning
Student Services Office
140 Roberts Hall
+1 (607) 255-2257
Dean's Certifications
Mark Mandych, Student Support Associate
Registrar's Office
140 Roberts Hall
+1 (607) 254-3356

College of Architecture, Art, & Planning

Dean's Certifications
Student Services Office
Admissions & Academic Services
235 Sibley Hall
+1 (607) 255-4376

College of Arts & Sciences

Pre-Law Advisor
Diane Miller, Associate Director
Career Services Office
172 Goldwin Smith Hall
+1 (607) 255-4166
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Dean's Certifications
Robin Perry, Administrative Assistant
Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Advising
KG17 Klarman Hall
Dean's Certification Information

College of Engineering

Pre-Law Advisor
Benjamin E. Martin, Assistant Director Engineering Advising
 180 Rhodes Hall (remote only)

Dean's Certifications
Alissa French, Administrative Assistant
Engineering Registrar
170 Rhodes Hall

SC Johnson College of Business - Hotel

Pre-Law Advisor
David Sherwyn, John and Melissa Ceriale Professor of Hospitality Human Resources and Professor of Law
541 Statler Hall
+1 (607) 255-1711

Dean's Certifications
Hotel School's Registrar's Office
541 Statler Hall
+1 (607) 255-9393

College of Human Ecology

Pre-Law Advisor
Deanne Maxwell, Associate Director
Student and Career Development
1203 Martha Van Rensselaer (MVR) Hall
+1 (607) 255-2532

Dean's Certifications
Registrar's Office
+1 (607) 255-2235

School of Industrial and Labor Relations

Pre-Law Advisor
Marcia Harding-Zeller, Senior Associate Director
ILR Office of Career Services
201 Ives Hall
+1 (607) 255-7816
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Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives - OADI

Kristin Dade, Associate Director of OADI & Director of Student Success Programs
200 CCC
+1 (607) 255-3841

Gabby Smith, Assistant Director of OADI, Program Innovation
204 CCC
+1 (607) 255-3841