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Cornell University

COE Staff Rentals

All COE Instructors, Odyssey Guides, Wall Monitors, and CTLC Facilitators are entitled to free and discounted gear rentals. Basic Camping gear is free to all. Other program specific gear is free to staff in that program area, and half price to all other staff. Some gear rental requires approval from the Program and Outfitting Coordinators. Please contact Outfitting with specific questions regarding your options.

Program Area Rentals


Climbing Shoes

Climbing hardware, anchor building equipment, follow ropes, and racks: Available to graduates of Top Rope Staff Training by permission of Program Coordinator and Outfitting Manager.

Lead ropes: Not available for instructor rentals.


Internal Frame Pack


Flat water canoe
Sea kayak
Dry bag

Skirts: Sea Kayak and White Water Kayak Staff and by permission of Program Coordinator and Outfitting Manager.

White water kayaks, white water canoes, and SUPs: by permission of Program Coordinator and Outfitting Manager.




XC skis, poles, and boots
Tele skis, poles, and boots

Mountain Bikes

Not available for instructor rentals.

The Rules

  • Late Fees- Late items will be charged the full price of a standard rental. One may call to renew items for up to 3 days if they are not needed for a class or reservation without being assessed a late fee.
  • Priority- Given to classes and paid rental.
  • Reservation- You may not reserve any gear unless you pay for it.
  • Issue- Gear MUST be picked up and returned during Outfitting open hours.
  • Personal Use Only- All discounts/free rentals for personal use only; instructor must pay for second pack, tarp, etc.
  • Damage/Loss- Renter responsible for replacement costs.        
  • Time Limits- Rental discounts only applicable for one week or less rentals. Permission of Program Coordinator and Outfitting Manager required for longer period.
  • Tents- Must be set up for inspection and drying upon return.
  • Cleaning- Return items clean; $10/item cleaning fee will be charged for items returned dirty.