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Cornell University

Credential Services

A credentials file is a repository for materials you may want or need to store now for use in a future job search. These include letters of recommendation from someone who knows you well now, certifications (teaching, for example), transcripts for courses taken at other institutions or continuing education credits, or a writing sample or publication.

The Interfolio Credentials Service is a fee-based service that allows you to collect and store letters of recommendation and other important documents, to be sent to graduate and professional schools or employers upon request in the future. It is particularly useful, for instance, for students who anticipate applying for continued education at some point in the future who wish to collect reference materials from faculty while they are still enrolled.

Interfolio allows you to send all of your chosen documents in one very professional-looking package. Your materials are sent within one business day of your request. To find out more, go to the Interfolio website.

Contact information:
+1 (877) 773-6546