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Cornell University

Canopy Researcher Training

An instructor ascends a redwood tree

Canopy Researcher Training - 16 Hours

This course is aimed at researchers who need to access and move around in canopies. This course covers SRT and DRT techniques with special emphasis on low impact canopy movement and gear organization. Several of our senior staff have extensive experience climbing in the tropical rain forest and will be able to assist you not only with climbing, but also safety issues specific to tropical climbing environments. All equipment is included. No experience is necessary. Spread the 16 hours over however many sessions you'd like. Some people prefer three or four days, some are up for two long days of 8 hours each.

You can Request a Program on any of the days available on our Calendar of Events.

Course Fees
Number of Participants Cost
One $395
Two, Three, or Four $275/person
More than Four Call 607-254-2798