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Summer 2024 Dining Terms & Conditions

Cornell University – Department of Campus Life
Cornell Dining Contract
Terms and Conditions: Summer 2024

The following terms and conditions apply to all Summer Dining participants for May 28, 2024 through August 18, 2024.

Meal Plan Enrollment

The Cornell Dining Contract is a legally binding contract and cannot be altered or modified without the prior consent of Cornell Dining. The Cornell Dining Contract is valid for the period May 28, 2024 through August 18, 2024, and becomes binding when you sign the Dining Enrollment Form. This Cornell Dining Contract is drawn with due regard to New York State law, and your signature on the Dining Enrollment Form indicates acceptance of the obligations under New York State law. Your plan membership and privileges are non-refundable and nontransferable; you cannot use your plan to obtain food or drink for others. No credits will be given for missed meals. Account balances cannot be applied to/from other semesters or to/from other accounts. Execution of the Cornell Dining Contract is not a commitment of admission to or continued enrollment in Cornell University.

Meal Plan Program Schedule

Opening and Closing Dates. Summer Combo Plan Meal begins with breakfast May 28, 2024 and ends with dinner on August 18, 2024. 6-Week Meal Plan begins with breakfast on June 15, 2024 and ends after dinner on August 1, 2024. Summer Bucks Plan is valid from May 28, 2024 through dinner, August 18, 2024.

Scheduling. Campus Life reserves the right to modify dining program hours of operation as demand dictates. Campus Life will make every reasonable effort to continue dining services during periods of weather emergency, power shortages, union actions, and similar circumstances.

Payment. You are required to pay for the meal plan for which you are enrolled. Payment may be made by major credit card, or bursar billed for special programs.

Use of the Identification Card. Your plan membership card is your Cornell photo ID card validated for the plan in which you are enrolled. To enter a dining unit, you must let the doorchecker mechanically scan your ID card. One meal will be deducted from your plan’s meal balance upon each entry into a dining room. Any meal plan member who cannot present a valid card, for whatever reason, will be denied entrance. Campus Life reserves the right to have an employee inspect ID cards at any time and to request other appropriate identification.

Lost Cards. If you lose your Cornell ID card, you must report the loss immediately to the Office of the University Registrar. To protect your membership in meal, debit, and laundry plans, you can flag your card online as lost at

Contract Termination. Your contract may be terminated due to violation of these Terms and Conditions or disciplinary action by Campus Life and/or Cornell University in accordance with University policy and the Student Code of Conduct during the summer period. You will receive no refund for any meal plan charges that have been billed or are scheduled to be billed for the period. Meal plan or debit meal plan members apprehended for misuse of food or property, allowing another person to use their meal card, or any other attempt to defraud may be fined and/or removed from the dining program if found responsible by Cornell University’s judicial system. Refunds will not be given for such mandatory terminations. Penalties assessed for breach of contract are independent of those that may be imposed by the Office of the Judicial Administrator.

Conditions of Meal Plan Participation 

Servings Policy. The meal plan program features unlimited servings of all meals eaten in the designated All You Care to Eat dining rooms. It is your responsibility to take only what you can reasonably eat at each meal (All You Care to Eat policy). Campus Life reserves the right to limit the number of servings at special-event meals. Food is intended to be consumed on the premises. In the residential meal plan dining rooms, the food you select must be eaten in the dining area, unless you use a takeout container provided by Cornell Dining to take your meal to go.

Other Restrictions.

  1. Smoking is not permitted in Cornell University dining units.
  2. Alcoholic beverages cannot be brought into a dining unit.
  3. Participants are responsible for returning their own dishes and trays to the designated return area.
  4. Shirts and shoes are required in all dining units.
  5. Use of in-line skates (e.g., Rollerblades) is not permitted in dining units.
  6. No animals except service dogs are allowed in dining units.
  7. Campus Life is not responsible for personal belongings brought into or left in dining units.
  8. Photographic equipment cannot be used in a dining unit unless authorized in advance by the dining unit manager.

Meal Plan Options

Summer Meals. You may take advantage of All You Care to Eat meals at our designated all you care to eat locations based on hours of operation. Choose from the following:

  • Summer Combo Plan: $640.10; Includes 30 All You Care to Eat meals and $200 in Summer Bucks, used from breakfast on May 28, 2024 through dinner August 18, 2024. Summer Bucks are valid for use beginning May 28, 2024 through August 18, 2024.
  • 6-Week Meal Plan: $1,525.75; Includes 15 All You Care to Eat meals per week and $250 in Summer Bucks. Meals are valid beginning with breakfast on June 15, 2024 through dinner on August 1, 2024. Summer Bucks are valid for use beginning May 28, 2024 through August 18, 2024.
  • Summer Bucks: Summer Bucks are a sales-tax free, pre-paid declining balance account, valid from May 28, 2024 through August 18, 2024. Summer Bucks may be used to purchase food items in a la carte locations or meals at our designated All You Care to Eat locations. There is an initial minimum deposit of $50. There is no minimum for subsequent deposits.

NOTE: Purchases made with Summer Meal Plans and Summer Bucks are exempt from New York State sales tax. It is to your advantage to maintain an adequate account balance, as purchases made with cash or credit card will be charged sales tax.

By using your plan card and participating in the dining program, you agree to accept all of the terms, conditions, and restrictions of the Cornell Dining Contract and any revisions to it, which may be made from time to time.

These Terms and Conditions and the Dining Enrollment Form make up the Cornell Dining Contract. This Terms and Conditions document is the controlling document of the Cornell Dining Contract.