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MealChoice Terms

MealChoice Terms & Conditions

When you activate your MealChoice account, you agree to the following terms and conditions:


  • MealChoice is a debit account for cashless transactions.
  • All eligible employees who are issued a Staff or Faculty Cornell University ID card are automatically issued a MealChoice account.
  • To use your MealChoice account, you simply need to deposit money by going to
  • There is no minimum balance or administrative fee. Additional funds may be added in any increment.

Using Your Meal Plan

  • $7.50 lunch Monday–Friday in Cornell Dining's residential dining rooms.
  • Receive 10% off meals (does not apply to the $7.50 lunch listed above), in the dining rooms.
  • Receive 10% off purchases at all Cornell Dining retail locations.
  • Use MealChoice to make purchases and receive discounts exclusively for City Bucks/MealChoice cardholders at dozens of off-campus City Bucks locations.
  • MealChoice can be used at any card-reading vending machine on campus.
  • Over 30 Cornell Dining locations from which to choose.
  • You can add funds to your MealChoice account online, or in person at the RPCC Service Center, Hasbrouck Service Center, or WCHS house offices on West Campus.

Cancellation and Refunds

  • Any account that remains inactive for a period of one year will be canceled.
  • Refunds are not permitted. If you choose to discontinue use of MealChoice, we suggest you exhaust all remaining funds in your debit account. The account will be canceled if no activity exists for a period of one year.

Conditions of Participation

  • Cornell Dining reserves the right to modify dining program hours of operation as demand dictates. This includes the university recess periods of summer, fall break, Thanksgiving break, winter intersession, February break, and spring break.
  • Cornell Dining will make every reasonable effort to continue dining services during periods of weather emergency, power shortages, union actions, and similar circumstances.
  • All purchases made with MealChoice are subject to New York State sales tax.
  • Serving policy: The meal plan program features unlimited servings of all meals eaten in the ten residential meal plan dining rooms. It is your responsibility to take only what you can reasonably eat at each meal (dining room policy). Campus Life reserves the right to limit the number of servings at special-event meals. Food is intended to be consumed on the premises; in the residential meal plan dining rooms, the food you select must be eaten in the dining area, unless you are taking your meal to go using a takeout container provided by Cornell Dining. In order to assist in keeping food costs low, you cannot take food out of the dining room after your meal except one piece of fruit, one cookie, or one ice cream item. Campus Life reserves the right to inspect any packages, coats, bags, purses, et cetera, brought into the dining areas. All inspections will be done in a reasonable manner (as determined by Campus Life) and in compliance with all applicable Cornell policies.
  • Meal plan membership is non-transferable.
  • Lost University ID cards: To report your card lost, email To replace your University ID card, go to the University Registrar office at B7 Day Hall.

Other Restrictions

  • Smoking is not permitted in university dining units.
  • Alcoholic beverages cannot be obtained with MealChoice. Alcoholic beverages cannot be brought into a University dining unit.
  • Participants are responsible for returning their own tray/dishes to the designated return area.
  • Shirts and shoes are required in all dining units.
  • No animals, except service dogs, are allowed in dining units.
  • Cornell Dining is not responsible for personal belongings brought into or left in dining units.
  • Cornell Dining reserves the right to cancel this program with 60 days notice.
  • By using your plan and participating in the MealChoice dining program, you agree to accept all of the terms, conditions, and restrictions stated above and any revisions to it, which may be made from time to time.