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Employee Referral Program

What is Catch a Rising Star -- Cornell Dining's Employee Referral Program?

Cornell Dining continuously seeks to increase its pool of talented staff members. Catch a Rising Star, Cornell Dining's Employee Referral Program, is a great way to increase the pool of talented staff members and to reward current staff members for helping to grow the pool.

How does the Employee Referral Program work?

Cornell Dining staff members find great people -- those you already know and those that you'll get to know. You tell those great people about Cornell Dining and your positive experiences as a staff member. You tell them that you think they would make great contributions to Cornell Dining and that you would like to refer them to the program for positions you think they would be great for. You collect the name, e-mail address, and telephone number of the person you want to refer, go to the program website, and provide the contact information. (You'll need to sign into Microsoft Sharepoint using your Cornell NetID and password.) You'll receive an email confirmation that we've seen your referral. Check back to the Employee Referral page for updates on your referrals.

What are the Rewards?

As a Cornell Dining staff member:

  • For every qualified candidate you refer, you will receive $25.
  • For every qualified candidate that is hired into a position, you will receive an additional $50.
  • For every hired referral that successfully completes the 90-day probationary review, you will receive an additional $75.
  • For every referral at his/her one year anniversary is satisfactory performing in their position, you will receive an additional $100 and one pre-approved day off.

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