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Policies & Rules

Activity Rules
Fall Activities Spring Activities

Sand Volleyball

5v5 Basketball
Pickleball Doubles
8v8 Soccer Indoor Soccer
Flag Football Bowling
Doubles Golf Tourney Stock Market Challenge
Kickball Tourney 6v6 Volleyball
Canoe Battleship Spikeball Tourney
Sunday 3v3 Basketball
4v4 Volleyball
5v5 Holiday BB Tourney

Participant Handbook

Visit our Intramural Sports Participant Handbook page for all Intramural Sports policies.

Sporting Behavior Statement

The responsibility of a positive, fun, and safe atmosphere in Intramural Sports belongs to everyone involved. Good sporting behavior is required of all individuals participating and spectating in Intramural Sports. Participants and spectators are to conduct themselves properly at all times. Cornell Recreational Services reserves the right to disqualify and/or suspend individuals and groups for unsporting conduct at any time. Unsporting conduct before, during, and after a game or activity will not be tolerated. Unsporting conduct may be referred to the University for disciplinary procedures.