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Cornell University

Cornell University Wellness Program

Cornell Wellness Mission

Cornell Wellness serves staff, faculty, retirees, and their spouses/partners in the areas of fitness, nutrition, general health and self-care for the mind. We provide educational opportunities that empower individuals to make healthy choices for themselves.

Cornell Wellness Vision

All employees will be supported by Cornell Wellness in a way that further enhances their wellness, engagement, and success in their lives.


The Individual: The Cornell University Wellness Program respects and supports the unique needs of each individual while providing opportunities for joy, balance, and wellness. Embracing similarities and differences in a common endeavor enables individuals to share their strengths, wisdom, and experience. Recognizing and respecting the individuality of goals and abilities creates an environment that promotes personal success. Whether participants are engaging in individual wellness pursuits or seeking the social camaraderie of a class environment, Cornell Wellness is ready, willing, and able to facilitate a successful experience.

The University: The Cornell University Wellness Program believes in the University‚Äôs commitment to a culture of belonging in which individuals can achieve their fullest potential. Cornell Wellness exists to support the wellness of all faculty, staff, retirees, spouses, and partners. We acknowledge that individuals, each with their own unique experiences, are asked to participate in a diverse and open environment. To that end, Cornell Wellness encourages participation by all through creating welcoming environments and continuously working with people to provide programming and spaces that meet the needs of all of the individuals we serve.

Wellness Staff

Meet the Cornell Wellness staff

Discover more about their specialties and how they use them to serve your wants and needs.

Stay in Touch

When you purchase a Wellness Recreation Membership, you will automatically be added to the Cornell Wellness weekly update communication e-list. We encourage you to join the e-list even if you are not a member since a substantial amount of the offerings and programs we provide are open to the entire Cornell community (staff, faculty, retirees, spouses/partners) - no membership needed. Email to be added to the Cornell Wellness weekly update e-list. 

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