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Cornell University

Pool Policies

Cornell Pool Rules (Policies)

  1. DO NOT enter the water unless a guard is on deck.
  2. All persons must take a shower before entering the pool enclosure.
  3. Proper swim attire is required. No street clothes, unless deemed appropriate for religious reasons. Swimming in underwear, compression shorts, sports bras, thongs or see through suits are prohibited.
  4. You must have a swim tag visible to lifeguards.
  5. Spitting, spouting water, blowing the nose, or discharging bodily waste in the pool is strictly prohibited.
  6. Persons having open wounds, sores, etc. are advised not to use the pool.
  7. All patrons displaying signs and symptoms of a communicable disease, which can be transmitted through normal swimming, shall not be allowed in the pool.
  8. Glass containers, sharp objects and any other items which might cause injury or accidents are not allowed in the pool or pool area.
  9. Gum and Band-Aids must be deposited in the trash before entering the water.
  10. Lap swim is for continuous swimming. Please be considerate of others in the lane. Please circle swim when more than one individual is utilizing that lane.
  11. Starting blocks and diving boards can ONLY be used for Varsity practices or PE classes; no club use!
  12. Cornell PE & Wellness equipment can be used by authorized personnel or authorized groups only.
  13. No hanging on lane lines, ropes or ladders.
  14. No running on the deck.
  15. No pushing, shoving, horseplay or inappropriate behavior is allowed.
  16. No diving in the shallow end of the pool.
  17. Back dives and flips from the edge are not allowed.
  18. Hypoxic training or breath holding is strictly prohibited.
  19. Individuals who cannot swim are only allowed in the shallow end.
  20. Only service animals permitted in the pool area, all other pets are not allowed.

*Please obey all lifeguard instructions; failure to do so may result in patron being asked to leave.

**One long whistle blast may signal an emergency. Exit the pool immediately and look to the lifeguard for further instruction