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Returning to Work on Campus

SCL Campus Operations and Services Reactivation Plan

As Vice President Lombardi shared in his staff message on June 30, we have established a divisional process for reactivating units that need to bring staff back who are essential to the operations and programs of Ithaca’s campus, and whose work must be performed on campus.  We realize that many of our staff remained on campus or have already returned. We thank all of you and your teams for your continued and dedicated support and care for our students, staff and facilities.  The process outlined below will be utilized for activation/reopening on a going forward basis.

Please remember that staff who are currently working remotely should continue to do so unless approved to return to campus by SCL and University leadership through the reactivation process. 

Steps to Reactivating SCL Units

SCL Reactivation Process:

1.  Unit/Department/Program Leader must complete the SCL Reactivation Plan Template.  This template is based on requirements from the Division Of Human Resources Working During Covid-19 guide.  If you need a Word version of the document, contact Wendy Franzese.

Key Items Included in Plans: 

  • Identification of a Safety Monitor who will be responsible for implementing changes in compliance with COVID-19 state/university guidelines, developing standard operating procedures for COVID management, and communicating shut-down plans as needed. 
  • Description of the work to be conducted on campus with details as to why the work must operate on campus and cannot occur remotely.
  • Desired date for on-campus work to resume. ** If there is a phased approach, please describe that plan in detail
  • List additional resources, equipment, facilities, that will be required.
  • Identify staff who will be working on site, providing names and NetID’s.
  • Identify specific campus facilities where work will be done and how social distancing requirements and maximum occupancy guidelines will be met.  ** If your unit is not located within an SCL facility, you will need to get authorization from the College/Unit with oversight of that building.  Please connect with the Building Coordinator on their approval process.
  • Confirm that all EHS disinfection protocols will be in use
  • If it is essential to include students or temps in workspaces, describe that need along with the numbers of students or temps involved.
  • Confirm that individuals using on-campus resources have a firm understanding of their responsibilities and have the necessary knowledge and resources to meet them.
EHS Office Guidance Checklist provides a step by step checklist of action items managers should use to prepare their work locations for occupancy.
2.  The completed Unit/Department/Program Reactivation Plan must be approved by the Unit Head/VPC Member and/or their designee.
3.   Unit Head/VPC Member and/or their designee submits plan to Wendy Franzese - Coordinator for SCL Reactivation Plan Review Team with copy to Dana Burton and Cassie Palladino to obtain Divisional and University Approvals as follows:
  • SCL Reactivation Review Team:  Coordinated by Wendy Franzese and includes members from EH&S (Tim Fitzpatrick), Cornell Health (Dr. John Clarke), Human Resources (Dana Burton, Cassie Palladino), Facilities (Nianne VanFleet) and the Office of the Vice President (Kellie Page)
  • Vice President Ryan Lombardi (and appropriate VP/College Dean if work is located in non-SCL Facility)
  • Vice President Mary Opperman and Deputy Provost John Siliciano
4.  Upon approval from Opperman/Siliciano
  • SCL Reactivation Review Team notifies unit of approval
  • HR then enters staff in Workday enabling staff to receive Daily Check in messaging and a link to required EHS 2019 Return to Campus Health and Safety Training COVID-19 in CULearn.
  • Safety Monitor(s) ensures that works spaces are set up according to established EHS Office Guidance Checklist and that appropriate signage, PPE, cleaning supplies, etc… are on site and available for use.
  • Supervisors regularly remind staff to complete the Daily Check In.   
Approval process from start to finish

Roles and Responsibilities

All Staff

Staff members should become familiar with and regularly review the following resources:

For Managers/Supervisors