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Soup & Hope Speaker Nominations

Submit your nomination for a future Soup & Hope speaker

If you have a suggestion for future speakers who could speak to the idea of hope by sharing a personal story or perspective, please email a member of the Planning Committee with the following information:

  • The name of the person you'd like to recommend
  • How this person is connected to the Cornell community
  • Why you feel they have a great story to tell
  • Your name, and how we may contact you to learn more

Soup & Hope Planning Committee

  • Christopher Lujan, Co-Chair - LGBT Resource Center
  • Oliver Goodrich, Co-Chair - Office of Spirituality and Meaning-Making
  • Jennifer E. Austin - Cornell Health
  • Tracey Brant - Cornell Engineering, Kessler Fellows Program
  • Karen M. Brigham - Cornell Health
  • Kelly Chan - Academic Technologies
  • Kristine DeLuca - Cornell Commitment
  • Linda Falkson - University Ombudsman
  • Linda Mikula - University Relations
  • Doreen Silva - Cornell United Religious Work
  • Karen Williams - Cornell Health
  • Amanda Barrett Wittman - Office of Engagement Initiatives
  • Victor Younger - School of Hotel Administration, Cornell College of Business