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Special Contract Periods for Fall Part 2 and Winter

In-person instruction will end on November 24 with the understanding that students will leave campus by 10am on November 29 and return in late January/early February for the spring semester. As this year presents some unusual challenges, we've been planning for the likelihood that it will be impractical for some student residents to leave campus for a permanent residence at the Thanksgiving holiday break.

Housing and dining will be available to those who need to or are interested in staying beyond November 29:

  • The Fall Part 2 period from Thanksgiving through December 22 housing and all-access dining is available for $1,035. Please note that Financial Aid offers already included funding for the entire semester spanning September 2 through December 21. Please reference the Financial Aid FAQ for additional information:
  • The Fall Part 2/Winter period extends your on-campus housing from December 22 through the start of spring semester housing and unlimited access dining will be available for $3,060. The total cost for Fall Part 2/Winter period is $4,095 ($1,035 + $3,060). Please note Financial Aid funding is not available for students remaining on campus through the Winter term unless they are enrolled in coursework. The Winter period is available only in conjunction with the Fall Part 2 period, meaning you may not leave for the period following Thanksgiving through the end of the semester and return for the Winter period.

Of note:

  • Remaining in on-campus housing requires the meal plan for that same period.
  • Campus services will be very limited during these times, but we'll accommodate those who need to be here.
  • During the period of December 25 through January 1 when Cornell Dining eateries will be closed for staff to take winter break, residents will be provided with $450 in City Bucks to enjoy food from participating eateries and several local grocery stores. City Bucks dollars must be used by January 29. City Bucks remaining in accounts after that date will be forfeit.
  • The special terms and license related to COVID-19 remain in place for the entire academic year, as well as the Behavioral Compact and travel and visitor policies.
  • Residents of High Rise #5 who choose to stay on campus during these periods will be required to move temporarily as that building will be closed for required maintenance.
  • Housing & Residential Life may require residents to move during Fall Part 2 and Winter for safety and security reasons.

Apply for these housing/dining packages in the Housing Portal. You must apply by 11:59pm on October 22.