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Cornell University

November 2020 Departure

Fall 2020 Check-out/Departure Instructions

Arrange Pick Up for Departure
  • Make plans to meet family, guardians and friends outside of the building. Non-Cornell community guests are not permitted in the residence halls.
  • Students are responsible for bringing personal belongings from their room to the vehicle picking them up. 
  • Avoid parking tickets by ensuring drivers are following all signage and not blocking fire lanes, ADA parking spaces, or parking on designated walkways. 
Coordinate with Daily Check and Surveillance Testing
  • Update the Daily Check with your departure information.
    • Leaving prior to November 1
      • Update your address in the Daily Check to stay in surveillance testing compliance.
    • Departing campus November 1 or after
      • Complete the “Post-Thanksgiving Plans” survey.

Please Note: Students remaining in the Ithaca area must continue participating in ongoing surveillance testing. 

Closing Checklist for Residents
  • Pack essential items
    • Examples:  Medicine, laptops, chargers and important documents (passport, ID cards, driver’s license, etc.)
    • Reminder: Access to your residence hall room will not be permitted after you return your key.
    • If you are returning to campus in Spring 2021, most items can be left in your room.
  • Remove items not permitted based on the Housing License or House Rules.
    • Fire safety checks are performed by the City of Ithaca and/or State of New York Fire during break.
  • Dispose of perishable food items in your micro-fridge or your community refrigerator.
    • If you leave non-perishable items in the community refrigerators, label them with your NetID.
    • Examples:  Ketchup, mustard, etc.
    • Non-labeled items will be removed and disposed of by Building Care.
  • If there is an empty bed in your room, make sure that part of the room is clean and clear of your belongings.
  • Close and lock all windows.
  • Set heat on the minimum heat setting.
  • Unplug electronics.
    • If you have a microfridge, defrost and open the door to promote air flow.
    • If you have an approved fish tank in your room, that can remain plugged in as well.
  • Remove all trash from the room.
  • Turn off lights.
  • Lock your door.
Return key to Service Center/House Office
  • If you depart during business hours, return your keys to your Service Center.
    • North Campus: Robert Purcell Service Center
    • South Campus: Cascadilla Service Center
    • West Campus: House Office 
  • If your departure time is after business hours, return your keys using the drop box outside of the Service Center.
    • Wooden drop box between the double set of doors at both entrances of Robert Purcell Community Center
    • Drop box at the Cascadilla Service Center
    • Drop box outside of your West Campus House Office
Please Note:
  • Keys cannot be returned by mail after departure
  • Students staying for Fall 2 or Fall 2/Winter contract periods do not need to return keys.
  • Students leaving at end of Fall 2 will receive information about returning keys in December.

If you are not planning to return to campus for the spring semester, please reach out to the Housing and Residential Life Office at to cancel your spring housing.

If you have additional questions, please connect with your Residence Hall Director/Area Coordinator/House Assistant Dean or the Housing and Residential Life Office at