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January 29, 31 & February 2, 4 Arrival Assignments

Contiguous State and New York Arrivals

January 29, 31 & February 2, 4, 2021

As has been the case these past nine months, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve. While we are doing our best to anticipate the local, state, and national environment, there are a number of factors that could impact the plan that we are currently sharing with you. If there is a need for an adjustment to what we are planning for the spring check-in, we will share that information as quickly as we can. 

Please continue to watch for future emails with more specific information on spring semester arrival and detailed check-in instructions. If you have any questions, please contact

Stage II of the spring move-in is for those students arriving from New York or one of the contiguous states (Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Pennsylvania). This would include any student from a non-contiguous state who is completing the 10-day quarantine. If you are arriving from New York or a contiguous state:

  • You will have the ability to select an arrival check-in appointment on any of the following days: Friday, January 29, Sunday, January 31, Tuesday, February 2, or Thursday, February 4.
  • The first step of your arrival to campus will be a COVID-19 test. You must schedule an arrival testing/move-in timeslot in the housing portal by noon on January 6, 2021. You will receive additional information in mid-January confirming your arrival timeslot, testing location and temporary on-campus or hotel location.
  • If you are in a single room or the sole individual assigned to a double room, you will secure your room key and quarantine meals, and quarantine in your assigned room. If you are in a double room with a roommate that has already participated in the Stage I quarantine, you will be assigned to quarantine in a temporary on-campus or hotel location. If both roommates are from New York or a contiguous state, one individual will quarantine in the assigned room and the second will be assigned to quarantine in a temporary, on-campus or hotel location. Individuals assigned to temporary or hotel locations will be notified in advance. Transportation will be provided to students assigned to quarantine in a hotel.
  • Students will be expected to quarantine overnight until the results of the COVID-19 test are determined. Meals will be provided during the quarantine period. Students who test positive during the quarantine will be moved into isolation by Cornell Health. Any students in temporary or hotel spaces will be permitted to move into their rooms once cleared from quarantine. Transportation to campus will be provided.
  • Once out of quarantine, students will begin regularly scheduled surveillance testing.
Personal Belongings

Please note that you will need to be able to transport your own belongings to your room, which is why we've limited students to the equivalent of two large suitcases and a backpack on your selected move-in day. If you need accommodations for the move-in process, please contact Student Disability Services at

Visitors to Campus

Friends or family members traveling with you are welcome to say goodbye when they drop you off, but will not be allowed in any campus building or your hotel room, to safeguard the health of all members of the Cornell community.