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August 23 and 24 Arrival Assignments

Students scheduled to arrive on Sunday, August 23 and Monday, August 24 have been notified with their arrival information. The arrival time is your scheduled testing timeslot.

If a state is added to New York State's Travel Advisory list between now and your assigned arrival date, we will have to rescind this assignment until such time as your state is removed from the list. You'll be welcome to begin planning your arrival after your state is removed from the list in consultation with the Office of Housing & Residential Life.

In our last communication, we referred to the arrival placard and downloading from the housing portal. This will no longer be necessary. PLEASE ENSURE YOU KNOW WHICH BUILDING YOU WILL BE MOVING INTO.

Step 1

The first step of your move-in process will be your COVID-19 test. Please arrive at your testing site during the timeslot indicated in your move-in/arrival timeslot. Your testing location is based on your mode of transportation to campus. See below under Move-In Expectations. You will be given a wristband after being tested to indicate that you're ready to move into your residence hall where you'll quarantine until you receive your test results.

Please do everything you can to adhere to your assigned move-in date and time as they have been assigned in a manner to minimize the risk to students and the campus community. If you somehow miss your testing time slot and the testing site to which you were assigned has shut down, please proceed directly to your residence hall and report for testing first thing in the morning.

Step 2
Upon your arrival to campus:
  • If you are arriving in a personal vehicle, either your own or being dropped off by parents/families, please proceed directly to the Testing Site at the Shops at Ithaca Mall at 40 Catherwood Road, Ithaca, for your COVID-19 test. Once you receive your test and wristband that indicates you have been tested, proceed to your campus drop-off location where you will be directed as to where to go to secure meals for the overnight quarantine while you await test results, your room key, identification card, and Welcome Kit.
    • North Campus residents: A Parking Lot off of Pleasant Grove Road, South Entrance
    • Ecology House, Akwe:kon residents: Go straight to the building
    • West Campus residents: University Avenue Parking Lot
    • South Campus and Equity & Engagement LLC residents: Williams Stewart Street Parking Lot - follow West Campus routing signage

For approach maps from the COVID-19 testing site, go to:

If you are not certain where your building is on campus, we've listed them here:

North Campus: Townhouse Community, High Rise #5, Jameson Hall, Low Rises #6 and #7, Holland International Living Center, Just About Music, Ujamaa Residential College, Mews Hall & Loving House, Court-Kay-Bauer Hall, Mary Donlon Hall, McLLU Multicultural Living Learning Unit, Clara Dickson Hall, Latino Living Center, Risley Residential College, Balch Hall

West Campus: Alice Cook House, Language House, 109 McGraw Place, 625 University Avenue, Carl Becker House, Flora Rose House, Hans Bethe House, William Keeton House

South Campus: 112 Edgemoor, Schuyler House, Cascadilla Hall, Sheldon Court, Equity & Engagement Living-Learning Community

  • If you are arriving via bus, public transit, Uber, Lyft, or taxi, the drop-off is located in front of Robert Purcell Community Center (RPCC) at 107 Jessup Road. Proceed to the RPCC Multipurpose Room for your COVID-19 test. Once you receive your test and wristband that indicates you have been tested you may pick up your meals for the overnight quarantine while you await test results and proceed to your room check-in location to pick up your room key, identification card, and Welcome Kit. Students will be shuttled to buildings if your residence is not walkable with your personal belongings.

Remember that you will need to be able to transport your own belongings to your room, which is why we've limited students to the equivalent of two large suitcases and a backpack on move-in day. If you need accommodations for the move-in process, please contact Student Disability Services at

Friends or family members traveling with you are welcome to say goodbye when they drop you off, but will not be allowed in any campus building, to safeguard the health of all members of the Cornell community.

Food distribution tents for students in arrival quarantine are open at Keeton House, Becker House, and Court-Kay-Bauer 8am-6pm August 23 & 24. You'll be able to pick up meals for your quarantine period at these tents after you've received your arrival test and been given your wristband. If you unavoidably arrive after hours, please see your RA or residence hall on-call staff for assistance.


You are expected to quarantine in your residence hall until you've received your test results. During quarantine, you are only permitted to leave your residence hall room to retest as instructed, use the bathroom facilities (with strict occupancy and sanitation rules), and go to a central location near your building to pick up meals. Failure to comply with quarantine instructions is a violation of the Behavior Compact and could result in your immediate removal from housing and/or other academic actions.


Cornell Dining is preparing a bulletin on how campus eateries will be operating this fall, with safe dining measures including contactless payment, expanded online meal ordering options, reservations for both dine-in and takeout, and new satellite locations for picking up meals. If you haven’t already completed the survey for special dietary needs for the move-in period, please do so here:


Students/families may bring only one vehicle onto campus on move-in days. Students are expected to bring no more than the equivalent of two suitcases and one backpack with them on arrival day. You must be able to carry your own personal belongings. Vehicles over 14 feet in length are not permitted, except for SUVs, pick-up trucks, or standard vans/minivans.


To ship items directly to your service center, please make sure items are clearly marked with your name, NetID, and mailing address; you can pick up these mailed packages at your Service Center, upon arrival.


Refrigerators and microwave-refrigerator combination units that meet Cornell's electrical requirements are available for rental or purchase from


If your belongings are not already covered on a family insurance policy, we suggest you consider personal property insurance. Cornell University's preferred provider is Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. More information is available at