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Terms for Special Circumstances - COVID-19 2022-2023

Housing License Terms & Conditions 2022-2023
Special Circumstances (COVID-19) Addendum

The terms set forth in this Special Circumstances (COVID-19) Addendum (the “Addendum”) are expressly incorporated into the Housing License Terms and Conditions and are made a part thereof.  

The University may temporarily or permanently reassign me to a different room, apartment or building for reasons that include but are not limited to purposes of quarantine or isolation of myself or others.  Such housing may be on- or off-campus.  The University will first seek to place reassigned students in other University housing, but reserves the right to use appropriate, contracted apartments or hotel accommodations to respond to public health concerns.  I will cooperate with the University’s instructions for relocating to my reassigned housing.  Any such temporary reassignment will not terminate my Housing License and I will remain responsible for complying with all Housing License requirements (including but not limited to housing charges and fees). I will also not be charged any additional fees or costs for such a temporary reassignment to address public health concerns.

The University may need to close University housing due to public health concerns during the Term. If this occurs, I will cooperate with the University’s instructions and regulations for vacating my assigned housing. 

I acknowledge that my health and safety, and the health and safety of others in our community, depends on my strict compliance with:  (1) New York State regulations, including “New York State on PAUSE” and “New York Forward,” that impose social distancing and other safety rules for all persons in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic ( and; (2) New York State Department of Health guidelines on COVID-19 protective measures (; (3) other applicable orders, directives, limitations, and health and safety guidelines that may be issued by federal, state, or local authorities; and (4) any health and safety related rules, policies, directives, limitations or guidance issued by the University (see, e.g.,  Accordingly, I agree to comply with all of the foregoing, and in addition I specifically agree:

  1. To notify Cornell Health if I am feeling unwell, develop a fever, or have had contact with anyone known or suspected of carrying COVID-19.
  2. To be tested and to cooperate with contract tracing or other public health requirements set by Cornell Health or Tompkins County Health Department.
  3. To not allow guests in my room or building except as may be specifically approved in writing by residential housing leadership.
  4. To comply with any COVID-related University behavioral guidelines, as they are issued. 

I understand that my failure to comply with any of the foregoing provisions may seriously threaten the health and wellbeing of myself or others, and therefore, the University reserves the right to immediately terminate my Housing License and deny me access to campus. If the University terminates my Housing License for good cause, I will not be entitled to any refunds or credits of housing, dining, or any other University fees.  

I acknowledge that the University may be required by state or local authorities or choose to:

  1. Reduce, eliminate, or alter the schedule, location or modality of student or academic support services, activities, and experiences, including, but not limited to library access, dining services, and recreation services;
  2. Alter the academic schedule, location and modality of instructional and learning activities, and academic terms and requirements (including content and grading) of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs and instruction.

In the event the University undertakes any of the foregoing changes, I acknowledge that I will not be entitled to any refunds or credits except as may be expressly authorized by the University in writing.

The University’s rights and remedies listed in this Addendum are in addition to, and do not limit, the University’s rights and remedies in the Housing License Terms and Conditions.

Any delay or failure by the University to exercise any rights under this Addendum and/or the Summer Housing License Terms and Conditions shall not constitute a waiver of such rights or any other subsequent right.

I acknowledge the University may modify the terms of this Addendum at any time, and I agree to comply at all times with the terms then in effect.  The University will post updates to this Addendum on the University Housing main page (  I acknowledge that I am responsible for keeping myself informed of updates to the Addendum terms.

To the extent there is any conflict between the terms in this Addendum and the Housing License Terms and Conditions, the Addendum terms shall control.