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Cornell University

Short Response Questions

Here’s a preview of the short response questions you’ll see in the housing application.

You’ll be asked to rank your community preferences. Choose the Program House(s) that speak to you, and then you’ll see these questions. There is a general question, and some of the Program Houses have additional questions. You only need to write 3-6 sentences for each. This will help us determine where to place you to begin your on-campus experience!

General question:

In 3 – 6 sentences, please tell us why you are interested in the Program House(s) you have chosen.

Additional questions:


As an active member of Akwe:kon, how do you see yourself contributing to the overall community in Akwe:kon? 

Ecology House 

Ecology House (Eco) was founded in 1971 on the principle of creating a sustainable and just world.  We are now a close-knit community of Ecohousers who share a passion for animals, plants, sustainability, environmental justice, and more.  After reading that short description, tell us about what it means to you to be a part of the Eco community and contribute to our next 50 years of individual and communal impact.  In other words, what do you imagine life as an Ecohouser would be like for you?

Jerome H. Holland International Living Center (HILC)

How do you believe you will grow by being a member of the HILC community and in what way will you contribute to our inclusive and developing community?

Just About Music (JAM)

Tell us how JAM would impact you in your first year at Cornell. How would you participate and/or contribute to our community? 

Latino Living Center (LLC)

Please share three reasons you are proud of being Latinx and/or look forward to exploring Latinx culture?

Loving House

No additional question

Multicultural Living Learning Unit (McLLU)

No additional question


Risley Residential College

Risley is a dynamic and unique community with its own traditions, history, and emphasis on involvement. How will you add your own contribution to the overall mission that Risley has shaped to be a place that creates and propels artistic and performance mentalities?

Ujamaa Residential College

Please provide your definition of Community and the ways you will contribute to the Ujamaa community? (For example: involvement in hall council, volunteering, unity hours, etc.)


After you receive your NetID you can log in to the housing portal to complete your application. If you have any questions, please contact Cornell Housing at or call 607-255-5368.