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Cornell University

Local & Regional Foods & Beverages

Every day, Cornell Dining is helping to build a more sustainable food system, locally, regionally, and within New York State. Through our Local Food Growers Initiative, we purchase approximately 27% of our produce from regionally grown, raised, and processed sources.

To help our customers make better informed decisions, we've defined terms to help track where our food comes from and where it is processed:

Local = Within 100 miles of Cornell

Regional = Between 100 and 250 miles from Cornell

Cornell Dining partners closely with the local farming community to purchase fresh seasonal produce and dairy products, grains, beans, meat, poultry, baked goods, maple syrup, honey, sauces, and spreads. We source food from more than 25 regional growers through our supplier, PFG, and also purchase regularly from Cornell Orchards, Cornell Dairy, and Ithaca Bakery.

Cornell Dining celebrates our local/regional foods and New York farmers and merchants at our annual Fall Harvest Dinner and Farm to Fork Dinners, hosted each September/October.  Please join us!