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Colleen Casey

Meet Colleen Casey

Hometown: Concord, New Hampshire
College: Engineering
Major: undeclared
Year: 2020

A few weeks before entering Cornell I began to search for jobs. Hoping to become a lifeguard, I came across a Cornell Fitness Center (CFC) application. By my third day on campus, I officially had a job. My work doesn’t appear too exciting: swipe people in, clean, make sure the rules are followed. However, the best part of my job isn’t in the formal description, it’s my coworkers. Working with the same people each week, I quickly formed bonds. I shared stories from my hectic life and listened to my co-monitors’ as they discussed their projects, travel plans, and funny stories. My friends have also been influenced by my work. I’m eager to convince them to hit the gym (and visit me) and I even recruited one of my best friends to work for CFC.

Working for CFC, in addition to financing my trips to CTB, has been a great way to expand my leadership skills. In my second semester here, I mentored five newly hired fitness monitors and introduced them to CFC.

CFC has offered me much more than a paycheck. It was the first organization I joined at school. It provided my first leadership roles. And, it opened the door to more Cornell opportunities. Next year I’ll continue to work for CFC while extending my leadership skills as an Academic Excellence Workshop facilitator.