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Cornell University

REALTALK Speaker Series

Among the WRC’s signature events is REALTALK – an annual speaker series with the mission to bring Relatable, Empowering, Authentic Leaders to campus to share personal stories which inspire and engage the diverse community of Cornell.

Each year, REALTALK adopts a specific theme and presents women-identified and nonbinary,speakers who share their own vivid, heartfelt experiences in a moderated panel discussion which encourages the participants to think, engage and take action.

In 2022, REALTALK’s theme was Mental Health and Self Care. This 3-minute highlight reel conveys the special significance of REALTALK.Supported by a dedicated endowment fund, the WRC will be able to present REALTALK in perpetuity, serving as one way the WRC will continue to address relevant issues and deliver impactful resources on campus for generations to come.