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Queer Sexual Wellness and Reslience Education

About the series

Queer Sexual Wellness and Resiliency Education (QSWARE) series is a group of workshops intended to help LGBTQ+ students learn the healthy foundations of queer sex, relationships, and community while also providing preventative information around sexual and relationship violence. Our workshops include Queer Sex Ed 101, Healthy Queer Relationships, and Queer Community and Bystander Intervention. This series of workshops is presented through an asset-based lens to aid LGBTQ+ students in forming and maintaining healthy relationships and communities. Students may sign up for one, several, or all of the workshops offered through this series.

Individual Workshops

Queer Sex Ed

Join the LGBT RC for a workshop for LGBTQ+ students to learn about the things they never taught us in sex ed! How are types of condoms different? What’s a dental dam? What even is queer sex? Come learn about all these questions and more at this interactive workshop! In addition to sex ed content, we will also discuss consent, communication, and things unique to queer relationships. 

Healthy Queer Relationships

Join the LGBT RC for a workshop for LGBTQ+ students to discuss the building blocks of relationships from relationship structures to how to begin and end a relationship, as well as the unique aspects of queer relationships. We’ll answer questions from “how do we flirt?” and “where do we meet people?” to “how do I know if my relationship is healthy?” and “what do I do if it’s not?”

Queer Bystander Intervention

Join the LGBT RC for a workshop for LGBTQ+ students and allies to learn about bystander intervention, why bystander intervention is important for LGBTQ+ communities, and create a bystander intervention toolkit. In this workshop, we will explore topics of power dynamics in queer communities, what negative power dynamics look like in real-time, and practice responses to specific scenarios. Come to help build skills to protect the LGBTQ+ community!