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Growthshops Discussion Series

About the series

The Growthshops is a cohort-based dinner series designed to explore and promote personal growth in LGBTQ+ identities. This 6-week series was created to allow time to build trust in a small community cohort to allow for deeper growth and sharing around topics including LGBTQ+ identity development, coming out, internalized oppression, and self-care. 

Student testimonials: 

“This deep dive into my identity and the context around it helped me become more aware and in control of how I move through the world. Going through this journey with other queer folks of varying backgrounds increased my empathy for others and for myself.” ~Ximena S

"Growthshops was a great experience! Coming back for dinner every week with my cohort was a wonderful way to meet new people and have interesting discussions!"~Janie W.

Click the following link to register to participate in the Growthshops series this fall: Sign-up for Growthshops