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Faculty & Staff involvement with the LGBT Resource Center

Faculty and staff are involved with the LGBTQ+ community in a variety of ways. Join the LGBT Colleague Network, attend one of many events offered to the larger Cornell community, or explore the many academic and social offerings for the LGBTQ+ community at Cornell. Many faculty and staff also collaborate with the LGBT Resource Center to organize speakers, panels, and other events across campus to assist with creating an even more inclusive campus community. Please connect with us and share your experiences and thoughts about LGBTQ+ life at Cornell.

Resource Guide for Faculty and Staff

Staff from the LGBT Resource Center collaborated with the Office of Faculty Development and Diversity to create a resource guide, designed to support Cornell employees in creating an inclusive campus for all students, faculty, and staff. See the full guide here. 

LGBTQ+ Colleague Network Group

The Cornell University Colleague Network Groups (CNGs) are university sponsored employee resource groups for traditionally underrepresented minorities and allies of those groups. The CNGs provide a professional support system that can extend beyond the workplace. Each CNG advocates for a specific demographic within the Cornell faculty and staff community to improve the recruitment and retention efforts as well as the climate for the community as a whole. The CNGs enhance the Cornell culture by providing feedback and programs to develop an environment that fully engages and cultivates all of the faculty and staff of Cornell University.

The mission of the Cornell University LGBTQ Colleague Network Group is to raise awareness about workplace issues faced by LGBTQIA faculty and staff; provide networking opportunities for LGBTQIA faculty and staff and a forum to discuss topics of mutual interest and innovative solutions with senior leaders; and to support the recruitment and retention of LGBTQIA faculty and staff. Click here to learn more or to join the LGBTQ+ CNG.

The CNGs are managed and sponsored by the Department of Inclusion and Belonging (DIB). Each CNG is governed by its own board comprised of Cornell employees, and supported by a staff advisor from the DIB.

Trans Resources at Cornell

Cornell University is committed to creating a safe and respectful campus for all members of our community including those of all gender identities. Our Trans Resources page provides general guidelines for specific areas of campus life related to gender identity & gender expression. Human Resources also hosts a website with Transgender Resources for faculty and staff, including a PDF guide for transitioning and gender affirmation in the workplace. 

Academically LGBTQ+

Cornell has a number of different resources for people interested in the study of human sexuality and gender. Within our Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (FGSS), we have a program in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies. Within our libraries, we have a world-renowned Human Sexuality Collection, which seeks to preserve and make accessible primary sources that document historical shifts in the social construction of sexuality, with a focus on U.S. lesbian and gay history and the politics of pornography.

General Resources and Community Information

As a Center, we recognize the need to provide resources to our community that are both inside and outside of Cornell. With this in mind, we have attempted to provide an array of resources internal and external of Cornell. Please visit our Resource section for an array of resources that might be helpful to your time at Cornell.

For more information regarding faculty and staff engagement opportunities, please contact