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Mission, Vision, and Pillars of Service


The LGBT Resource Center coordinates efforts to ensure the inclusion of all LGBTQ+ students and works to eliminate discrimination based upon sexual or romantic orientation, gender identity, or expression. The LGBT Resource Center provides advocacy, outreach, education, support, and community to LGBTQ+ students of all identities, backgrounds, and experiences.


We envision a Cornell community where individuals of all identities experience a sense of community, empowerment, and inclusion, and are able to thrive as their full authentic selves.

Our Pillars of Service:

Five rainbow colored pillars, above them text reads: Advocacy, Education, Outreach, Community, Support
  • Advocacy- We advocate for policies and programs that will strengthen the campus experience for LGBTQ+ students. 

  • Education- We provide education on a variety of LGBTQ+ topics to support the identity development of our students and provide opportunities to enhance awareness and ability to support LGBTQ+ students.  
  • Outreach- We attend events and outreach opportunities across campus to bring visibility to the resources available for LGBTQ+ students on and off campus.  
  • Community- We aim to create community spaces that provide a sense of belonging and connection to the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Support- We offer support services in one on one and group settings that address all aspects of LGBTQ+ students’ academic and social experiences.