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Resources from the Asian & Asian American Center

The A3C collaborates with several organizations, offices and departments, both internal and external of Cornell. With this in mind, we have attempted to provide an array of resources that might be useful to you. Please help us continue building this list as more resources become available. If there are resources that you suggest should be added, please email us at

Academic & Administrative

Asian American Studies Program (AASP)

The Asian American Studies Program is a cross-college, university-wide program that draws from the extensive teaching and research interests of the Program's faculty and reflects the breadth of the vibrant field of Asian American Studies. In the classroom, in scholarship, and through campus and community advocacy, the Program is committed to examining the histories and experiences; identities, social and community formations; politics; and contemporary concerns of people of Asian ancestry in the United States and other parts of the Americas.

Campus Activities

Campus Activities strives to provide students with opportunities designed to promote individual growth, creativity, and personal connections through experiential learning. This is accompanied by goals including empowering and supporting students, facilitating hands-on experiences, consulting with students, staff, and faculty about events, evaluating Campus Activities programs, committing resources towards advancing Campus Activities' services, and initiating and supporting collaboration in the area of programming.

Cornell Department of Asian Studies

The Department of Asian Studies offers courses with topics arranged under different rubrics of "Literature & Linguistics," "Religion," and "Society & Culture," as well as those that are more general. Associated faculty throughout the university teach courses exploring issues in the politics, economics, history, culture, and development of different Asian regions.

International Services: Office of Global Learning

The mission of International Services: Office of Global Learning is to assist international students and foreign academic staff and their families by advising them concerning federal immigration, tax and labor regulations, and by providing counseling on personal, academic, and cultural matters. In addition, the office seeks to promote cross-cultural awareness in the Cornell community through educational programming, such as orientation, cultural adjustment, and cross-cultural communication. The office serves as an information service for the Cornell, Ithaca, and surrounding communities to promote the benefits of international educational exchange.

The Learning Strategies

The Learning Strategies Center (LSC) is the central academic support unit for undergraduates at Cornell University. Through program offerings that encourage students to develop effective approaches to mastering the academic rigors of Cornell, the LSC strives to actively engage students in the learning process and support their efforts to become more successful and independent learners.

LGBT Resource Center

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Resource Center coordinates the efforts of the entire Cornell community to ensure the inclusion of all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, and asexual (LGBTQQIA) individuals and works to eliminate discrimination based upon sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. The LGBT Resource Center affirms LGBTQQIA+ identities and lives, and provides education, outreach, advocacy, and support.

Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives (OADI)

OADI's mission is to ensure that the widest range of life experience, knowledge, creative expression, and original thinking is shared across the breadth of Cornell's students, faculty, staff, and disciplines, particularly by those with backgrounds historically less likely to have been represented on campus. OADI works to support the increased presence, academic success, intellectual achievement, and inclusion across all fields of study of those from these under-represented backgrounds at Cornell.

Women's Resource Center

The WRC is dedicated to serving the entire Cornell community with mutual respect, honesty, and openness. The WRC values people of all genders coming together to end sexism, along with all forms of oppression and maintaining an environment where all are free to affirm and celebrate their differences and commonalties.

Health & Wellness

Cornell Caring Community

Provides a variety of Cornell-related support resources.

Confidential Resource

The university offers a number of confidential resources for individuals who are looking for support, or an opportunity to consider next steps, who need care or who may be unsure about whether to report incidents to the university or police. Conversations with the university’s “confidential resources” are kept strictly confidential and, except in rare circumstances, will not be shared (including to faculty, coaches, parents, etc.) without explicit permission.

Cornell Health

Services include high-quality medical, counseling, and health promotion services that are designed to minimize disruptions and discomforts due to injury and illness. Gannett provides support for the health of individuals, couples, communities, and the Cornell campus with health resources, prevention strategies, education, training, and leadership in promoting campus health.

Cornell Mental Health

Services include Let’s Talk drop-in consultations, CAPS-led workshops, Individual counseling, Group counseling, primary care medical services, and Behavioral health consultation

Report Hazing @ Cornell

Report and learn about hazing at Cornell.


Cornell's SHARE (Sexual Harassment and Assault - Response and Education) website provides access to services, support, avenues for reporting, campus education, and advocacy.

Student Organizations

Cornell Asian Pacific Islander Student Union (CAPSU)

CAPSU is the umbrella organization for all 75+ Asian & Asian-Interest groups on Cornell University’s campus. CAPSU aims to bring undergraduate organizations representing students of Asian descent together to facilitate networking among the members of the community. CAPSU strives to be the platform for the Cornell community to learn about and understand our diverse ethnic backgrounds in order to form a more cohesive community.

South Asian Council (SAC)

SAC is the umbrella organization for all of Cornell’s 19 South Asian-interest groups. SAC aims to raise awareness and advocacy for South Asian interests, provide support for the community, and build collaborations.

Cornell International Student Union (ISU)

ISU is a funding organization and an umbrella organization for international and cultural clubs in Cornell. The International Students Union (ISU) aims to promote international awareness in the Cornell community through international events, funding for cultural organizations, and advocacy projects.

Society for Asian American Graduate Affairs (SAAGA)

SAAGA aims to be a community for graduate and professional students that either self-identify as “Asian American” or are interested in topics relating to the Asian American experience. SAAGA provides members the opportunity to socialize with others, share academic and professional advice, and discuss issues of race, ethnicity, politics, and culture as they pertain to Asian Americans.

Cornell Asian Pacific Americans for Action (APAA)

APAA is a social justice group running on themes of activism, advocacy, and alliance. It has been at the forefront of Asian American activism and advocacy at Cornell since 1991 (and earlier as other names). We seek to develop an educational forum promoting discourse on socio-political issues affecting the Asian Pacific Islander American community. Our mission is to further Asian American awareness on campus and to politically empower Asian Pacific American students.

Cornell DREAM Team

The Cornell DREAM Team seeks to promote the common value and shared community standard of “any person, any study” by empowering undocumented students through advising and providing a support network. We aim to expand awareness and acceptance in the local community through advocacy and educational outreach.

Muslim Educational and Cultural Association (MECA)

The Muslim Educational and Cultural Association provides educational, cultural, and religious services to the Cornell community and its surrounding communities, in order to promote an Islamic environment and an awareness of Islam in those communities.

Local & Regional Resources

Advocacy Center (Domestic Violence, Youth Sexual Abuse, Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse)

The goal of the Advocacy Center is to help reduce trauma that results from domestic violence, sexual assault, and child sexual abuse. The center provides support, advocacy, and education for survivors. Services are free.

Child Development Council of Tompkins County

The Child Development Council seeks to promote the healthy development of children and families at home, in child care, and in the community, by providing resources, support, information, advocacy, and referrals.

Family & Children's Service of Ithaca

The agency seeks to serve the needs of both individuals and families at any age and at any stage of life through a variety of programs and services.

Greater Ithaca Activities Center (GIAC)

The center serves the immediate neighborhood and the greater Ithaca area by providing multicultural, educational and recreational programs for all ages focused on social and individual development. The programs include services dedicated to improving the quality of life for the population served; advocating for the rights and needs of youth, families, and underrepresented and disenfranchised populations; providing structured employment training opportunities for at risk youth and adults; and fighting against oppression and intimidation in the community.

Ithaca Asian American Association (IAAA)

IAAA seeks to promote, educate and celebrate Asian and Asian American heritage and cultures; uphold the civil and human rights of all Asian Americans and other residents in the greater Ithaca community; and encourage the full participation of all Asian American and other residents in the American democratic process. For the enrichment and advancement of the Ithaca community, IAAA serves as a medium of exchange, communication, and understanding between Asian and non-Asian community members.

Ithaca College Asian American Alliance (AAA)

This student-led organization is devoted to educating the Ithaca College campus and community on Asian/Asian American cultures. AAA looks through both a sociopolitical and cultural lens and is an outlet for education, recreation, social justice, and community. AAA strives to create a safe and engaging environment for all of its members and is an all-inclusive and non-discriminatory organization.

Multicultural Resource Center (MRC) - Cornell Cooperative Extension

The MRC is a small, grassroots 501(c)3 non-profit organization located in Ithaca, NY. The organization offers a number of programs and cultural celebrations throughout the year, diversity workshops and trainings, and a lending library with resources on undoing racism and diversity education.

Tompkins County Health Department - COVID-19 Resources

Tompkins County Health Department has put together resources for the Asian communities

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