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Leave of Absence Support Group

The Dean of Students Office offers an orientation session for students returning from a leave of absence every Spring and Fall. This is a great opportunity to meet others with similar concerns and get grounded right at the start of the semester. This orientation session addresses the following issues: how did you use your leave constructively, how to explain to friends why you were away, forming a social network, making the best use of your time academically, using resources, preparing for challenges, etc. Students who successfully returned from leave in the past will share their experiences as well. They have become a strong support group for each other and are excited to welcome newcomers.

Students who choose to participate may have left the university voluntarily, involuntarily; for medical, mental health, academic, family or any other reason.

Optional follow-up support sessions will be held every Thursday at 4:30 pm in the Founder's Room of Anabel Taylor Hall.

What students say about the group:

“Being in the ‘Returning From Leave’ group helped me put everything in perspective! I was much more anxious about returning to school than I even had been about getting accepted in the first place. Returning to school itself was a really good experience. I felt like I was returning to who I was and I also returned to Cornell with new eyes; I felt like most people around me just took being here for granted, but to me it was something really precious.”“It was hard to find the right balance of self-care and work. It took a while for me to stop feeling guilty for taking the time I needed for myself to stay healthy both physically and emotionally, especially during my first weeks back at Cornell. I got great ideas and support from being in the group.”