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Cornell Minds Matter

Be a Leader of CMM

There are many leadership positions available in CMM; President, VP of Events or Outreach, Chair of Procrastinate @ the Straight, Feel Good Fridays or Healthy and Disordered Eating. Or maybe you want to work on publicity, our publication or as treasurer. There are 20 different leadership roles available. Leadership can be very involved or require as little as an hour a week. We provide lots of leadership training and support as well as tons of appreciation for all who are part of our caring team. CMM is a great way to do good, gain leadership skills, be healthy and be part of a great group of students who care for each other. Staff trainings are given once a month. Sign up to be a staff member now.

Mental Health Programming Outreach

Cornell Minds Matter promotes the overall mental and emotional health of all Cornell students, works to reduce the stigma of mental illness, and holds events open to the entire Cornell community that foster a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Whether your interest stems from personal experience, academic interest, curiosity or desire for social action; we welcome you to join us in our quest. College is difficult enough as it is; silence leads to no positive outcome. Please visit the CMM website.

Gratitude Tabling

Supplies provided to offer students the opportunity to create hand made cards to send to family and friends.

Four Steps to Happiness at Cornell

Increase your resilience and happiness by learning the 4 concrete steps to “Happiness at Cornell!” The steps spell out the word S.O.A.P. but have nothing to do with being clean. For more information, check Cornell Minds Matter.

Bringing Mental Health Into Focus

Check out Cornell Minds Matter’s “Faces of Mental Health Campaign” depicting 20 Cornell student leaders.

This campaign speaks to the heart of Cornell Minds Matter’s message of every person taking care of his or her mental health. We all have mental health stresses and should all work to address our issues. “Speaking out” challenges the stigma associated with mental health and encourages others to do the same. Every person is more than their struggles. Only we should have the power to define who we are. For more information, check Cornell Minds Matter.