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Conflict Coaching and Mediation Services

Conflict Coaching and Mediation Services is one of many programs at Cornell that will help change campus culture. The program’s two-tiered approach keeps the end goal in mind, but never loses sight of those harmed before the goal is attained. We strive to create a culture of acceptance, belonging and empowerment.

The program aims to repair the harm currently caused by the culture that is less inclusive. The more we encourage inclusivity and fair treatment of all individuals in action and in words, individuals who cause harm and promote biased beliefs and actions will start to understand that full acceptance and inclusivity is woven in the fabric of Cornell values. The more the culture changes in positive ways, the less harm, and the less need for the reactive measures over time.

What is the Conflict Coaching Program?

  • A proactive training program within the Dean of Students area committed to providing students, faculty, and staff techniques and tools to address identity-based challenges in a nonviolent manner, avoidant of dominance or oppression over others, to increase inclusion and belonging
  • Conflict coaching will be offered to various groups, including, for example, administrators throughout Student and Campus Life, resident advisors, graduate students, Community Response Team, student government participants and students serving in leadership positions.   

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