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Antonio Tsialas ' 23 National Hazing Prevention Week

Love. Trust. Shine.


In memory of Antonio Tsialas ’23, who lost his life on October 24, 2019, Cornell University dedicates National Hazing Prevention Week, which this year is September 20-24, 2021, to a new chapter of learning. Learning to love by developing compassion for one another. Learning to trust through respectful interaction. Learning to shine by actually living the values that define us as individuals, as organizations, and as members of the Cornell community. National Hazing Prevention Week was created by

During this week, we invite all Cornell community members to participate in an online hazing prevention pledge. We additionally ask each club, organization, sorority, fraternity, and team to use this resource to identify one activity or program your group will complete in honor of Antonio Tsialas '23 National Hazing Prevention Week. Please submit your activity or program so it can be recorded.   

We are also pleased to introduce the Skorton Center for Health Initiatives new Canvas Course titled "How to Recognize and Respond to Hazing." This training discusses hazing, a form of interpersonal violence. This training explores what constitutes hazing and what you can do if you or someone you know is hazed. This training will walk through various forms hazing behavior takes, the emotional and physical impact of hazing on individuals and communities, how to recognize signs of hazing, and ways to support someone who has been hazed, including an overview of campus resources to help. We encourage every Cornell student to complete this course.         

Additionally, limited grant opportunities are available for positive organization efforts to incorporate the newest members. Please also know that our detailed hazing prevention website created by Cornell Health is an excellent resource regarding hazing prevention and a way to report hazing. We hope you will chose to actively engage in Antonio Tsialas ’23 National Hazing Prevention Week. Later this semester, we will welcome the Gruver, Piazza, and Tsialas families to campus for a keynote presentation. 

Signature Programs:

Love Mom and Dad

Monday, November 8, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. EST

Location: Statler Auditorium

Who should attend: All Cornell Chapter Members, Alumni, regular Cornell Students, Staff, Faculty, etc. 

Join us for a National Hazing Prevention Week keynote presentation featuring the Gruver and Piazza families with a special introduction by the parents of Antonio Tsialas '23. Jim and Evelyn Piazza along with Stephen and Rae Ann Gruver presents "Love Mom & Dad", a program that shares personal stories of how hazing prevention, and calls for action around hazing prevention.