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Payroll: How Do I Get Paid?

Hiring Instructions

  1. Visit the Public Service Center at 300 Kennedy Hall and see the CWSP Coordinator to complete employment paperwork and program/payroll training.
  2. You will be notified via email when your hiring is complete and you may begin working.  100% of wages worked prior to your designated start date will be charged to your employer.
  3. You will receive access and usage instructions for WorkDay, our online timekeeping system. Watch for this email.
  4. For additional information visit the Student Handbook.

How do I record my hours?

Upon receipt of your appointment email, try accessing WorkDay immediately in order to:

  • catch any issues can be addressed quickly, and ​​​
  • review their helpful, short presentations such as “Navigation Basics for Employees” and “Enter and Submit Time” (find these on your WorkDay home page under “Getting to Know WorkDay
  • Check out these 2 short presentations on your WorkDay home page. Click on “Getting to Know WorkDay” and watch:

Note: If you forget or miss entering time visit Handbook for directions.

How many hours may I work?

During the academic-year employment term, Cornell strongly suggests that you work no more than 15–20 hours per week. You may work full-time over breaks and the summer. Your supervisor must approve your request to work during a school break.

How does my Federal Work Study award work?

Your employer will be billed for your wages at 100% (as opposed to 10–25%) if any of the following occur:

  • You earn wages in excess of your Federal Work Study award;
  • You work prior to receiving your appointment email;
  • You lose your work-study eligibility and continue to work; or
  • You submit hours to be paid after the end of the academic year or summer for which you were hired.

    Running out of Federal Work Study?

    When you have earned 75% of your FWS award, you and your supervisor will receive an email warning from the Office of Student Employment with a subject heading “FWS Warning Notification.” CWSP receives a copy of this email and will send you and your supervisor a separate email asking you to track your hours carefully so you do not exceed your FWS award.

    If you continue working after your FWS award ends, or after your employment term ends, your employer will be billed for 100% of your wages.

    If your FWS award is depleted, you have the following options:

    • First: Petition your Financial Aid counselor for an increase to your FWS award. Do not wait to look into this option; it should be done immediately. During this period you are not eligible to work. Contact Financial Aid for more information by phone (607) 255-5145 or email.
    • Second:  If you are a Tradition Fellow, notify the Tradition office that you have exhausted your federal work-study award. The Tradition office will notify the CWSP Coordinator with proper documentation.
    • Third: Ask your employer if they are able to pay 100% of your wages. If they can, they need to communicate this in writing to the CWSP Coordinator.

    If your FWS award is increased, it is your responsibility to notify the CWSP Coordinator immediately.