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Cornell University

Finding a Job

Check out the 2-minute Cornell video “How To Find a Job,” then:

Search Job Postings

Visit Student Job and Internship Postings.  

  • Click on the "Jobs" link to search the available job opportunities.
  • Choose the region "Ithaca-Tompkins County."
  • Career Field:  The PSC cross-posts all CWSP positions under the term “public-service."

Not all of the jobs listed under the "Ithaca-Tompkins County" and "public service" listing are through the CWSP, so check listing information carefully!

Communicate with the Employer  

  • Contact the employer/supervisor who is listed on the job posting directly.  
  • Be sure to tell the employer if you work at another job or plan on finding another job that employment term (academic year or summer), so the employer understands that wages will be earned from multiple jobs.
  • Additional information is available in the Handbook.

If You Receive a Job Offer

You cannot begin working, or be paid, until you have been appointed to University Payroll. Immediately upon receiving a job offer from an employer, learn how you become eligible to begin working by reading Payroll: How Do I Get Paid? and following the Hiring Instructions on that page.

Important: You and your employer will receive an email notification when your appointment is complete.

Start dates cannot be back-dated. Any hours worked prior to your employment with the Community Work-Study Program (CWSP) cannot be paid by this program and are the responsibility of your off-campus employer 100%.

Appointments do not carry through from an academic year or summer to another term.